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Evolve Your RPG Coding
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Evolve Your RPG Coding

Publisher: MC Press Online
Publication Date: 2015
Subject: Computer: Programming & Software Engineering
Category: Programming
Number of Pages: 441

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About this title
If you still write RPG code as you did 20 years ago, or if you have ILE RPG on your resume but don't actually use or understand it, this book is for you. It will help you transition from the Original Programming Model (OPM) to a more modern, modular, and efficient ILE RPG.

With this book, each concept of ILE is made accessible. You will start by taking baby steps with small, easily understandable examples, building up to more complete and complex pieces of code. All the while, you will explore each component of modern RPG, learning how it fits with the other pieces to gain the full ILE RPG picture.
By its nature, this book is not an ILE quick-reference guide. Rather, it is a "slow reference guide." This book introduces new concepts with analogies to OPM whenever possible, explaining and expanding with realistic scenarios of increasing complexity (for instance, inventory management programs).

The book also goes beyond ILE, with comprehensive chapters about SQL, code organization, and structure. Then it goes even further--the final part of the book is dedicated to modernization and tells you:

What can be modernized in your legacy applications and how to do it
Different approaches to the issue, and the pros and cons of each
How to proceed, based on the author's and other experts' experience

By the end of the book, you'll be a better programmer. You'll have new tools, new approaches, and most importantly, new ideas to solve those big and small problems that are the life of an RPG programmer.

Upon completion of this book, you will be able to:

Migrate your OPM code to ILE RPG in a structured and easier-to-maintain way
Write code in free-format RPG
Use built-in functions to solve hard-to-tackle or time-consuming issues
Gain comprehensive knowledge about SQL and its usefulness to an RPG programmer
Use SQL's stored procedures and user-defined functions to modernize your application
Understand the possibilities that embedded SQL in RPG offers
Use SQL cursors to replace OPNQRYFs
Understand how you can modernize your legacy applications
Use SQL's Data Definition Language to replace DDS-defined physical and logical files, for performance and productivity gains
Understand MVC and how it can help revolutionize your application's UI
Become a "modern RPG" programmer, with a new set of skills and tools
About author
Rafael Victória-Pereira
Rafael Victória-Pereira is an analyst/developer with more than 15 years of IBM i experience. Most of those years have been spent building solutions to connect IBM i to others servers. These solutions range from one-time-only events, such as data migrations, to interfaces that have been live for more than 10 years and output improvement projects that include transforming printer files into professional Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and interactive charts.

Rafael currently works as a consultant for CPI Consulting in Portugal. His areas of expertise cover System i, Lotus Domino/Notes, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and Python, among other languages and technologies. Rafael is also author of the popular RPG Academy article series at, as well as more than 30 TechTips, most of them about interfacing IBM i with other servers and clients and getting the system to send e-mails, use web services, and generate user-friendly web pages.


Part 1: ILE Basics
Chapter 1: Modules, Programs, and Service Programs
Chapter 2: Binding It All Together
Chapter 3: Procedures: How, When, and Why to Build Them
Chapter 4: Improve Your Code's Readability with Functions
Chapter 5: All About Parameters

Part 2: Taking Advantage of ILE
Chapter 6: BIF Up Your Code!
Chapter 7: Code Organization Strategies
Chapter 8: /FREE Your Code!
Chapter 9: No More ISDB Nightmares: Meet the New ILE Debugger
Chapter 10: The Latest and Greatest News for RPG
Chapter 11: SQL in a Nutshell

Part 3: Beyond ILE--Start Modernizing Your Applications
Chapter 12: Modernizing Your Applications: Why, What, Where, and How
Chapter 13: Database Modernization
Chapter 14: UI Modernization and the MVC Concept

If you've read anything written by Rafael Victória-Pereira, you know that no matter the subject, his writing has two fundamental attributes: it's informative and insightful. His new book "Evolve Your RPG Coding: Move from OPM to ILE ... and Beyond" delivers on both those levels, providing a wide array of concrete information while at the same time guiding you to an intuitive understanding of how to use all this new knowledge in your day-to-day programming efforts. This unique combination makes the book a must-have for anyone beginning the journey to ILE programming.

If you're considering the move to ILE (and trust me, if you haven't already, you need to be considering it), then this book is an excellent first foray into the technology. It provides an amazingly comprehensive introduction to the concepts while at the same time delivering enough technical detail to make you productive very quickly.
— Joe Pluta, founder and chief architect of Pluta Brothers Design, Inc.

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