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DB2 11: The Ultimate Database for Cloud, Analytics & Mobile
preview of book DB2 11: The Ultimate Database for Cloud, Analytics & Mobile
text of book DB2 11: The Ultimate Database for Cloud, Analytics & Mobile

DB2 11: The Ultimate Database for Cloud, Analytics & Mobile

Publisher: MC Press Online
Publication Date: 2014
Subject: Computer: Database
Number of Pages: 113

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About this title
For the past five years, every October, in line with IBM's largest "Big Data" conference in Las Vegas (#IBMInsight), IBM has launched a new DB2 for z/OS book, and this year continues the tradition. This book builds on the previous book, DB2 11: The Database for Big Data and Analytics, and has been written particularly for new and existing DB2 for z/OS customers and users. Read it to find out why DB2 11 is still the #1 Enterprise Data Server and the choice for most Fortune 100 companies.

The book was directed by Surekha Parekh, WW Marketing Program Director for DB2 for z/OS, and has been written by four DB2 experts from IBM Silicon Valley Lab: John Campbell, Chris Crone, Gareth Jones, and Jay Yothers. The book is divided into three parts:
  • DB2 11 Technical Overview: This section focuses on technical features and functions of DB2 and explains how the new functions in DB2 11 can help enterprise customers address the challenges they face with the explosion of data and information. There has been rapid growth in the variety, volume, and velocity of data due to the growth of smart devices, mobile applications, cloud computing, and social media, and many of the enhancements in DB2 11 are focused on enabling enterprise customers to respond to these market opportunities in a cost-effective way.
  • DB2 11 Migration Planning and Early Customer Experiences: In this section, targeted at existing DB2 for z/OS customers, the authors provide a detailed paper to help customers plan their DB2 11 migration strategy. This paper--a "must read" document for all existing customers--is an excellent opportunity to learn from best practices and prevent costly migration errors. Many customers who have already upgraded to DB2 11 and participated in our Early Support Program have kindly shared their experiences to enable our customers to speed the upgrade process and start exploiting some of this leading technology while reducing operating costs.
  • DB2 10 Migration to DB2 11 and Application Compatibility: One of the most common obstacles that prevents customers from migrating to a new release is the need to implement any code changes required due to application incompatibilities, such as new reserved words. This section of the book describes application compatibility features in DB2 11 that allow such applications to continue to run under the new release until those changes can be implemented, removing them as an upgrade dependency.
About authors
John Campbell
John Campbell is an IBM Distinguished Engineer reporting to the Director for z/OS Development at the IBM Silicon Valley Lab. He has extensive experience of DB2 in terms of systems, database, and applications design. John specializes in design for high performance and data sharing. He is one of IBM's foremost authorities for implementing high-end database/transaction-processing applications.

Chris Crone
Chris Crone is a Distinguished Engineer with the IBM DB2 for z/OS Development team, where he has worked for 25 years. He is the team lead for the RDS Execution Engine team and has contributed to many SQL-related items while working on more 10 releases of DB2. More recently, Chris has been working on improving the performance and scalability of DB2 for z/OS.

Gareth Jones
Gareth Jones has been in IT since 1985, when he worked in the United Kingdom for an IBM customer. His first real contact with DB2 was when, as an IMS Systems Programmer and DBA, he was handed the job of migrating DB2 from V1.3 to V2.1, and he hasn't looked back since. He spent eight years as a contractor, gaining experience in France, the Netherlands, and the UK, before joining IBM as a permanent employee in 2000. Gareth worked for several years in IBM's Strategic Outsourcing division, and in BetaWorks, before joining the DB2 for z/OS SWAT Team under the leadership of John Campbell, taking advantage of the opportunity to work with many customers around the world.

Surekha Parekh
Surekha Parekh is IBM's World-Wide Marketing Program Director. She has more than 25 years' experience in B2B Market Management across a broad range of IT products and solutions with proven results. Surekha currently leads the Marketing for DB2 for z/OS globally and is responsible for market strategy, planning, and execution of tactics in IBM. A successful campaign and brand manager, Surekha has led several IBM global campaigns, including the 30th Anniversary of DB2. She is particularity customer-focused and understands the importance of Customer Relationship Management. Surekha also leads the Social Media Strategy for Information Management on System z. In this role, she has built several loyal social media communities for IBM on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook, with over 10,000 members. Surekha also developed "The World of DB2" community (, a dedicated DB2 online community with over 3,000 members. Based in Warwick, United Kingdom, Surekha is a passionate marketer and a member of Chartered Marketers. She represents IBM on the International DB2 User Group (IDUG) committee and is currently the IDUG Marketing Chair.

About the Authors
Introduction by Surekha Parekh

DB2 11 for z/OS: Technical Overview
by John Campbell and Gareth Jones
DB2 11 Performance Expectations
   Performance Expectations for OLTP and Batch
   Performance Expectations for Queries
DB2 11 Performance Expectations Summary
Performance Highlights
   ESP Customer Feedback
DB2 11 Performance Improvements in More Detail
   No REBIND Required
   REBIND Required--With or Without APREUSE
   REBIND Required--Without APREUSE
   DBA or Application Programmer Effort Required
DB2-Related Enhancements in z/OS 2.1
Buffer Pool Enhancements
Query Performance and Management Improvements
   Optimizer Externalization of Missing or Conflicting Statistics
   DPSI Improvements
Availability Improvements
   Extended RBA and LRSN
   BIND, REBIND, DDL, and Online REORG Break-in with Persistent Threads
   Online Schema Changes
RAS Improvements
   Autonomic Index Pseudo-Delete Cleanup
   Reduction of Overflow Rows and Indirect References
   DDF Enhanced Client Information Fields
   Data Sharing Improvements
Security Enhancements
Utility Enhancements
Analytics Improvements
   Temporal Data Enhancements
   Transparent Archive Query
   New Analytics Features
   Integration with Big Data
New Application Features
   Mobile Application Support
Easier DB2 Version Upgrade with Application SQL Compatibility

DB2 11 for z/OS: Migration Planning and Early Customer Experiences
by John Campbell and Gareth Jones
DB2 11 Major Themes
   CPU Savings
   Enhanced Resiliency and Continuous Availability
   Enhanced Business Analytics
   Simpler, Faster DB2 Version Upgrades
ESP Highlights
   DB2 11 Early Support Program Customer Feedback
Migration Considerations
   Prerequisites: Hardware and Software
Customer Quotes from the DB2 11 Early Support Program
   Prerequisites: DB2 Connect
   Pre-Migration Planning
   Important Preparation
   Preparing Your Current DB2 10 NFM for Migration to DB2 11 CM
DB2 11 Migration Overview
   Migration and Fallback Paths
   APPLCOMPAT: Application Compatibility
   BIND/REBIND/DDL/Online REORG Break-in with Persistent RELEASE(DEALLOCATE) Threads
   Persistent Thread Break-in: ESP Customer Testing Experiences
   Improved Control When Altering Partition Limit Keys
Utility Enhancements
   REORG Enhancements
   RUNSTATS and RTS Enhancements
   RECOVER Enhancements
Performance and Scalability
   Performance Enhancements: No REBIND Needed (CM)
   Performance Enhancements Requiring REBIND
   Performance Enhancements Requiring DBA or Application Effort (NFM)
   Optional Enhancements Requiring NFM and DBA Effort
   DB2 Lab Performance Measurement Summary
   Example of Customer Performance Testing
   Automatic Pseudo-Deleted Index Entry Cleanup
Performance Enhancements
   Q Replication Log Filtering
   Archive Transparency
   Optimizer Enhancements
   GROUP BY Grouping Sets
   Extended LRBA/LRSN
   Other Performance Recommendations
   Performance Summary
Other Enhancements
   Remove Package Security Vulnerabilities
   Archive Transparency
For More Information
DB2 11 Resources

DB2 10 Migration to DB2 11 and Application Compatibility
by Chris Crone and Jay Yothers
Migration Prerequisites
Modes of Migration
Functional Availability
Optional Migration Processing
The Essentials of Migration
Application Compatibility in DB2 11 for z/OS
Description of the Problem
Impact to Customers
Solution Requirements
Solution Details
Interaction with NFM
Identifying Applications That Need to Be Examined
New Reserved Words
New Reserved Word Solution
Pre-Migration Planning
What's Not Part of This Solution

Case Studies
BMW Group Develops Eco-Friendly Innovation for Smart Drivers with IBM
JN Data Gets the Early Adopter Advantage for Its Growing Business
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