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Talmud Arukh: BT Bava Mezi'a VI, Commentary
preview of book Talmud Arukh: BT Bava Mezi'a VI, Commentary
text of book Talmud Arukh: BT Bava Mezi'a VI, Commentary

Talmud Arukh: BT Bava Mezi'a VI, Commentary

מוציא לאור: JTSA PRESS
מועד פרסום: 2014
מועד פרסום מקורי: 0
Category: Halakhah / Law
Number of Pages: 439

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אודות כותר זה
To read more about Shamma Friedman's work, we recommend you to read Yehuda Mirsky article http://www.jewishideasdaily.com/809/features/talmud-the-back-story

אודות המחבר
Shamma Friedman
Shamma Friedman, professor of Talmud and Rabbinics at the Jewish Theological Seminary is, according to Shai Secunda (tabletmag.com) the most important Talmudist of his generation. An awardee of prestigious Israel Prize, Friedman's greatest contribution has been to untangle the Talmud's complicated textual web, and show how it was actually put together.'

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