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Tradition Renewed (two volumes in one)
preview of book Tradition Renewed (two volumes in one)
text of book Tradition Renewed (two volumes in one)

Tradition Renewed (two volumes in one)

Publisher: JTSA PRESS
Publication Date: 2011
Original Publication Date: 1997
Subject: History - Conservative Judaism
Number of Pages: 1760

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About this title
The examination of the Seminary within the larger context of Jewish life during the twentieth century is central to the conception of this two-volume history. Contributions to these volumes are deliberately organized to move outward from internal academic matters to the world at large; from the experiences of students and faculty to the movements they led and shaped; from the little culture of JTS to the broader culture of American Jews; from the Seminary as a denominational institution to its interaction with the larger world of higher education; from the close study of texts in the classroom to the broadcasting of Jewish knowledge on radio and television; from internal conversations over Jewish ideology and religious practice to pioneering dialogues with leaders of other faith communities.

Comprising freshly commissioned studies written by scholars from institutions of higher learning throughout the United States, Canada, and Israel, and richly illustrated, Tradition Renewed offers a dispassionate and analytical history of the Jewish Theological Seminary from its founding in 1886 to the conclusion of the administration of Gerson D. Cohen, a century later.
About author
Jack Wertheimer,
Dr. Jack Wertheimer is the Joseph and Martha Mendelson Professor of American Jewish History at The Jewish Theological Seminary. His area of specialization is modern Jewish history, with a particular focus on trends in the religious, educational, and organizational sectors of American Jewish life since World War II. Dr. Wertheimer is the author or editor of more than a dozen volumes, including Unwelcome Strangers: East European Jews in Imperial Germany (Oxford University Press, 1987); The American Synagogue: A Sanctuary Transformed (Cambridge University Press, 1987); The Uses of Tradition: Jewish Continuity in the Modern Era (JTS/Harvard); and The Modern Jewish ExperienceA Reader's Guide (NYU Press). He also wrote A People Divided: Judaism in Contemporary America (Basic Books), which won the National Jewish Book Award for the best study on contemporary Jewish life from 1993 to 1994. A People Divided was reissued by the University Press of New England in September 1997.

On 31 January 1886, twelve Jewish men, lay people and clergy, coming from up and down the east coast, from as far as Newport, Rhode Island, and from Baltimore to the south, met in the vestry room of New York's Shearith Israel, the traditional Spanish-Portuguese synagogue, to constitute themselves as the Jewish Theological Seminary Association.
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