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Ketubah: The Jewish Marriage Contract
preview of book Ketubah: The Jewish Marriage Contract
text of book Ketubah: The Jewish Marriage Contract

Ketubah: The Jewish Marriage Contract

Publisher: JTSA PRESS
Publication Date: 2011
Original Publication Date: 1927
Subject: Jewish family law
Category: General
Number of Pages: 338

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About this title
This study in the status of the woman in Jewish law is a cogent and compelling examination of the history and significance of the Jewish marriage contract, the Ketubah, with extensive notes in Hebrew and English. As Epstein notes in the preface, the Ketubah offers an excellent introduction to the character of Jewish marriage because it is not a sentimental, rhetorical or subjective text. Instead, it is "a legal document embodying the essential points agreed upon by the parties and sanctioned by the law as to the manner of their living together as husband and wife". This work will interest those concerned with property rights, family, divorce, the status of women, and the evolution of betrothal and marriage.
There are three interested parties to a marriage contract, the husband, the wife and the State. In modern days, the State's interest is so paramount that it completely overshadows the other two. The State binds and the State releases the bond. It not only sets the standards for marriage relations, but it also affects the union itself.
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