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The Responsa of Professor Louis Ginzberg
preview of book The Responsa of Professor Louis Ginzberg
text of book The Responsa of Professor Louis Ginzberg

The Responsa of Professor Louis Ginzberg

Editor: David Golinkin
Publisher: JTSA PRESS
Publication Date: 2011
Subject: Jewish laws
Category: General
Number of Pages: 510

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About this title
Prof. Louis Ginzberg (1873-1953),one of the outstanding Talmudists of the twentieth century, is well-known as the author of Seridei Yerushalmi, Geonica, Legends of the Jews, Ginzei Schechter, Students Scholars and Saints, and Peirushim V'hidushim Bayerushalmi. However, very few are aware of the fact that he was an important halakhic authority of the Conservative movement in North America and that, for a period of ten years, he was the halakhic authority of that movement. It is the purpose of this volume to introduce this neglected aspect of his writings and achievements.

This volume contains some one hundred previously unknown and mostly unpublished responsa written by Prof. Ginzberg between 1913 and 1953. They deal with a wide array of topics including changes in the liturgy, mixed pews in the synagogue, the use of grape juice during Prohibition, art in the synagogue, euthanasia, burial practices, and artificial insemination, as well as forceful responses to anti-Semites such as Pranaitis, the "expert" witness at the Beiliss trial in Kiev in 1913.

These responsa contribute much to our understanding of Ginzberg's approach to Jewish law, his biography, the history of Conservative halakhah, and the history of American Jewry in the first half of the twentieth century. But, above all, they provide us with a model of a leading Talmudic scholar who did not hide in his ivory tower but rather came down to his people and guided it through the complicated halakhic problems of modem times.

About editor
David Golinkin
Rabbi David Golinkin is an Associate Professor of Jewish Law at The Seminary of Judaic Studies (The Bet Midrash) of the Masorti (Conservative) Movement in
Jerusalem and the Chairman of the Va'ad Halakhah (Law Committee) of the Rabbinical Assembly of Israel.

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