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Jewish History and Jewish Destiny
preview of book Jewish History and Jewish Destiny
text of book Jewish History and Jewish Destiny

Jewish History and Jewish Destiny

Publisher: JTSA PRESS
Publication Date: 2011
Original Publication Date: 1997
Subject: Judaism
Category: General
Number of Pages: 395

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About this title
This anthology of addresses and essays by former Jewish Theological Seminary Chancellor Gerson D. Cohen is written in a popular style and is intended for a wide audience. The pieces offer an overview of Gerson D. Cohen's thoughts on such topics as the centrality of religion to Judaism, eschatology, Jewish history in its cultural context, Jewish scholarship and Zionism. In the book's Foreword, Rabbi Gillman writes: "I envy the readers who will encounter Gerson Cohen for the first time through the pages of this book."
About author
Gerson David Cohen
Gerson Cohen was a former Chancellor and Distinguished Service Professor of History at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. He erected the Seminary's new state-of-the art library and proposed a new curriculum for rabbinical education. He is also remembered for his initiative to push for the ordination of women as Conservative rabbis.

For all their mind-boggling and agonizing character and for all their apparent irrationality, the events that befell the Jewish people in 1982 are, to my mind, quite intelligible in the light of the underlying currents of modern Jewish history.
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