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Agnon and Germany
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Agnon and Germany

Editor: Hans-Jürgen הנס-יורגן Becker בקר
Publisher: Bar-Ilan University Press
Publication Date: 2010
Subject: Literature, Philosophy and Aesthetics ספרות, פילוסופיה
Category: Literature
Number of Pages: 474

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About this title
This book includes studies and research on Agnon`s work in Germany between the years 1913 and 1924, during which time his art earned its classic status. The studies deal also with the influence of the German world and its culture on his entire work.

The development of the work of S.Y. Agnon (1887-1970), the greatest of Jewish storytellers in the Hebrew language, reached a definitive and lasting peak that crystallized in the years that Agnon lived in Germany (1912-1924). The nature of this consolidation is presented to the reader in the present work, Agnon and Germany, the product of research conducted by two groups of scholars, the German group headed by Hans-Jürgen Becker and the Israeli group headed by Hillel Weiss. The German period extends beyond the physical presence of Agnon in Germany and also includes the period primarily after he went back to the land of Israel in 1924, and, in a way, until his death in 1970. The German world, alongside the Jewish world that was the mainstay of his writing, is present as a challenging element, symbiotic and antithetical, in all of his writings, especially in some of the longer novels and novellas that he published close upon World War II and afterwards as a reaction to the Holocaust and its roots in the Jewish-German experience throughout history.

הספר כולל מחקרים על תקופת יצירתו של עגנון בזמן מגוריו בגרמניה בשנים 1913-1924 שבה הגיעה יצירתו למעמדה הקלאסי ומחקרים על מקומו של העולם הגרמני בכלל יצירתו כמו בנובלות על מלחמת העולם הראשונה וברומן `שירה`, לרבות גלגולו ונוכחותו של העולם הגרמני בהתמודדות עם השואה ביצירת עגנון. המחקרים שבספר מהווים חלק ממחקר שנעשה בתמיכת קרן G.I.F קרן גרמניה ישראל. מחצית מהמחקרים משקפים את עבודת החוקרים הגרמניים ומחצית את הקבוצה הישראלית.
About author
Hillel הלל Weiss וייס
Hillel Weiss is a tenured professor at Bar-Ilan University, a researcher of modern Hebrew literature, who has been specializing in research on Agnon's writing for decades. He has published five books on the study of Agnon and other works that deal with modern Hebrew prose. He developed the computerized study of Agnon. Served as head of the Department of Hebrew Literature and changed its name to the Department of Literature of the Jewish People. Edited the journal Bokoret U'parshanut a journal of literary criticism, for more than twenty years, as well as books dealing with Hebrew classical writers. Has been awarded grants from the National Academy of Sciences and the G.I.F. Foundation.

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