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To purchase a book, select your preferred ACQUISITION MODEL (choose it from the drop down menu next to the title).


BUY NOW -- outright purchase with perpetual single concurrent user access; as with all PURCHASE MODELS, the usage can be monitored in real time through provided Control Panel.

PDA RENT TO OWN -- a short-term rental is triggered whenever a library patron views more than five (5) pages of a given title (full text search is always free) or copies/prints any content. The rental period is three (3) days, and the fee is fifteen percent (15%) of the titles selling price. Only one user at a time may view the book, but there is no limit to the number of consecutive users during this rental. Under this option, all rental charges are credited toward eventual purchase.

After seven (7) short-term rentals, the library is deemed to have purchased the title and incurs no additional rental or hosting charges for that title. Libraries selecting this option are invoiced monthly.

PDA RENTAL ONLY -- the rental period is seven (7) days and the rental fee is twenty percent (20%) of the selling price; as with the Rent-to-Own option, libraries selecting this option are invoiced monthly.

NOTE: When using PDA acquisition models, the library is given an opportunity to set a price cap for the maximum monthly billing.

Click then on and you'll be taken to a library registration/sign-in form. There, you'll be given an option to use either a credit card or ask to be invoiced.

To remove items from the Shopping Cart, click on the checkmark before the item you wish to delete.

To change the quantity of an item, change the number in the box next to that item and click on the "Update" button.

Is my order safe? We use the latest encryption technology. Each purchase you make is protected and safe. For more information please read our Safe Shopping Guarantee.



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