R. Juspa, Shammash of Warmaisa (Worms)...

R. Juspa, Shammash of Warmaisa (Worms)

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Front Matter Front Flap Half Title Page Title Page Copyright Page Table of Contents PREFACEINTRODUCTIONContents PART I: MINHAGIM OF THE HOLY COMMUNITY WARMAISA PART II: SEFER MA'ASE NISSIM - The Book of Wonder StoriesINTRODUCTIONStory 1 - Why many bad edicts came upon Warmaisa in the past and what their sin wasto deserve themStory 2 - Ma'ase fun Dalburger traces the connection of the House of Dalbourg with the Jews of WormStory 3 - Two Unknown Persons occurred in WormsStory 4 - An irresponsible fellow who defiled a Jewish girl, an only daughter of WormsStory 5 - Concerning the town mayor and his sonStory 6 - Concerning Rabbi Eliezer ben-Juda, the author of Sefer RokeachStory 7 - Involving the author of the RokeachStory 9 - The expulsion from WarmaisaStory 10 - A tale of a (certain) [bewitched] goose involved in one of the evil decrees against the Jews of WormsStory 11 - A Jew in Worms who was forced into a barrelStory 14 - A tale of imprisonment and ransom of Maharam RothenburgStory 15 - Why the city's coat of arms features a keyStory 16 - Of blood libelStory 18 - Another blood libel in WormsStory 21 - The Queen of Sheba in the house Zur Sonne Story 22 - An only daughter of Worms who lived in the house Zu dem Springbrunnen Story 23 - The bridegroom and bride found in a barrelAPPENDIX A: (to story 6)APPENDIX B: (to story 9)PART III: PINKAS HAKEHILA - The Ledger of Commerical Contracts, Community of WormsSunday, 16 Adar, 5416 (March 12, 1656)Sunday, 8 Nissan, 5416 (April 2, 1656)Thursday, 10 Iyar, 5416 (May 4, 1656)Sunday, 27 Iyar, 5416 (May 21, 1656) Thursday, 9 Sivan, 5416 (June 1, 1656)Wednesday, 15 Sivan, 5416 (June 7, 1656)Thursday, 14 Tammuz, 5416 (July 6, 1656)Thursday, 9 Adar, 5417 (February 22, 1657)Thursday, 9 Adar, 5417 (February 22, 1657)Wednesday, Rosh Hodesh Adar II [1 BeAdar], 5418 (March 6, 1658)Sunday, 25 Nissan, 5418 (April 28, 1658)Wednesday, Evening of 29th Av [the New Moon of Elul, 5418(August 28, 1658)Eve of Rosh HaShanna, 5418 (September 22, 1658)Rosh IJodesh Heshvan, 5419 (October 27, 1658) Thursday, 25 Heshvan, 5419 (November 21, 1658)Monday, 20 Kislev, 5418 (November 26, 1658)Wednesday, 29 Kislev, Fourth Day Hannuka, 5418 (December 5, 1658) Wednesday, 15 Kislev, 5419 (December 11, 1658) Wednesday, 23 Kislev, 5419 (December 19, 1658)Sunday Night, 3 Tevet, 5419 (December 30, 1658)Monday, 11 Tevet, 5419 (January 6, 1659)Sunday Night, 17 Tevet 5419 (January 12, 1659)Monday, 25 Tevet, 5419 (January 20, 1659)Date Not GivenBack Matter IndexBack Flap Back Cover
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