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Welcome to Publishers Row Outlet, the exciting new program where publishers of books with complex typography to showcase and sell their titles to individuals and institutions.

PRO participation is secure. All PRO participation is secure. All PRO titles are accessible only to individuals registered with Publishers Row via a secure, view-only mode. They cannot be copied, printed, or downloaded.

PRO participation is easy. All you need do is register on this site to set up an account. Once registered, you simply select and upload PDF files for the titles you wish to enroll. Uploading a title takes minutes, and you can enroll as many of your titles as you wish, all at no charge.

To see a preview of a typical PRO title, as it appears to the potential buyer, please click here. (Note that this title is in e-book format and has greater functionality than would be typical of a title created from a printer PDF file.)

For additional information about the PRO program, please click here.

Home About PRO About Publishers Row FAQ Contact Us