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Zeraim_1Front MatterHebrew Title PageTitle PageCopyright PagePrefaceGENERAL INTRODUCTIONTO THE MISHNAHTHE TALMUDTHE MISHNAHTHE GEMARATHE TRACTATES (or TREATISES), OF THE TALMUDKINDRED WORKS TO THE MISHNAHTHE MISHNAH AT A GLANCEAUTHORITIES OF THE MISHNAHINDEX TO THE FOREGOINGTABLES OF BIBLICAL WEIGHTS AND MEASURESTABLES OF RABBINICAL OR TALMUDICAL WEIGHTS AND MEASURESMEANINGS OF THE ABOVE TERMSTO ZERAIMINTRODUCTIONTHE AUTHORITIES MENTIONED INContentsBERACHOTH ?????INTRODUCTIONPEAH ??? INTRODUCTIONDEMAI ???? INTRODUCTIONKILAYIM ????? INTRODUCTIONSHEVIITH ?????? INTRODUCTIONTERUMOTH ?????? INTRODUCTIONMAASEROTH ?????? INTRODUCTIONMAASER SHENI ???? ??? INTRODUCTIONCHALLAH ??? INTRODUCTIONORLAH ???? INTRODUCTIONBIKKURIM ?????? INTRODUCTIONBack MatterSUPPLEMENTGLOSSARY OF THE PLANTS ENUMERATED IN ORDER ZERAIMBIOGRAPHIES: THE MAKERS OF THE MISHNAHPRE-TANNAlTICTHE FIRST GENERATIONTHE SECOND GENERATIONTHE THIRD GENERATIONTHE FOURTH GENERATIONTHE FIFTH GENERATIONINDEXESINDEX OF BIBLICAL PASSAGES QUOTEDGenesisExodusLeviticusNumbersDeuteronomyJoshuaJudgesIsaiahJeremiahPsalmsProverbsRuthGENERAL INDEXTABLE OF CONTENTSMoed_2Front MatterTitle PageCopyright PageHebrew Title PageTable of ContentsCorrigendaPrefaceGeneral Introduction to Order MoedVowelisation and PronunciationThe Authorities Mentioned in the Order MoedContentsSABBATH ??? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDAERUBIN ?????? Copyright PageIntroductionPESACHIM ????? Copyright PageIntroductionSHEKALIM ????? Copyright PageIntroductionYOMA ???? Copyright PageIntroductionSUCCAH ???? Copyright PageIntroductionBETSAH ????Copyright PageIntroductionROSH HASHANAH ??? ???? Copyright PageIntroductionAddendumTAANITH ????? Copyright PageIntroductionAddendaMEGILLAH ???? Copyright PageIntroductionAddendaMOED KATAN ???? ??? Copyright PageIntroductionCHAGIGAH ????? Copyright PageIntroductionAddendaBack MatterAPPENDIX: General Reference NotesNote 1Note 2Note 3Note 4Note 5Note 6Note 7Note 8Note 9Note 10Note 11Note 12Note 13Note 14Note 15Note 16Note 17Note 18Note 19Note 20SUPPLEMENT: Glossary of the Flora of MoedCopyright PageINDEXESIndex of Biblical ReferencesGenesisExodusLeviticusNumbersDeuteronomyJoshuaSamuel ISamuel IIKings IKings IIIsaiahJeremiahEzekielHoseaJoelAmosJonahPsalmsProverbsSong of SongsEcclesiastesEstherEzraNehemiahChronicies IChronicles IIGeneral IndexDedication PageNashim_3Front MatterEpigraphTitle PageCopyright PageHebrew Title PageDedication PageTable of ContentsPrefaceGeneral Introduction to Order NashimThe Authorities Mentioned In NashimContentsYEVAMOTH ????? IntroductionKETHUBOTH ?????? IntroductionADDENDANEDARIM ????? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDANAZIR ???? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDASOTAH ???? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDAGITTIN ????? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDAKIDDUSHIN ?????? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDUMBack MatterAPPENDIX: General Reference NotesCopyright PageNote 1Note 2Note 3Note 4Note 5Note 6Note 7Note 8Note 9Note 10Note 11Note 12Note 13Note 14Note 15Note 16Note 17Note 18Note 19Note 20SUPPLEMENT: Glossary of the Flora of NashimappleasparagusbarleycabbagecresscucumberdategarlicgourdleeklentilmustardoliveonionpapyruspulsepumpkinscallionsesameshallotspeltvinewheatINDEXESIndex of Biblical ReferencesGenisisExodusLeviticusNumbersDeuteronomyJoshuaJudgesI SamuelII SamuelIsaiahJeremiahEzekielHoseaMicahPsalmsLamentationsI ChroniclesII ChroniclesGeneral IndexNezikin_4Front MatterTitle PageCopyright PageHebrew Title PageTable of ContentsPrefaceGeneral Introduction to Order NezikinVowelisation and OrthographyThe Authorities Mentioned in NezikinContentsBABA KAMMA ??? ??? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDABABA METZIA ??? ????? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDABABA BATHRA ??? ???? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDASANHEDRIN ??????? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDUMMAKKOTH ???? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDASHEVUOTH ?????? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDAEDUYOTH ????? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDAAVODAH ZARAH ????? ??? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDAAVOTH ???? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDAHORAYOTH ?????? Copyright PageIntroductionBack MatterAPPENDIX: General Reference NotesCopyright PageNote 1Note 2Note 3Note 4Note 5Note 6Note 7Note 8Note 9Note 10Note 11Note 12Note 13Note 14Note 15Note 16Note 17Note 18Note 19Note 20SUPPLEMENT: Glossary of the Flora of Nezikinalcoholbarleybeancarobcedarcorncucumbercumindarneldatedurraflaxgarlicgrainhorse-beanleeklettucemelonmustardoliveonionpalmpepperpinepulseryegrasssorgho grasssugar-canesycamoretarevetchvineweedwheatwineINDEXESIndex of Biblical ReferencesGenesisExodusLeviticusNumbersDeuteronomyJoshuaJudgesI SamuelII SamuelI KingsII KingsIsaiahJeremiahEzekielHosheaAmosJonahMicahHaggaiZechariahMalachiPsalmsProverbsSong of SongsLamentationsEcclesiastesEstherDanielEzraNehemiahI ChroniclesII ChroniclesGeneral IndexKodashim_5Front MatterTitle PageCopyright PageHebrew Title PageTable of ContentsPrefaceGeneral Introduction to Order KodashimThe Authorities Quoted in the Order KodashimContentsZEVACHIM ????? Copyright PageIntroductionAddendaMENACHOTH ????? Copyright PageIntroductionAddendaCHULLIN ????? Copyright PageIntroductionAddendaBECHOROTH ?????? Copyright PageIntroductionAddendaARACHIN ????? Copyright PageIntroductionAddendaTEMURAH ????? Copyright PageIntroductionAddendaKERITHOTH ?????? Copyright PageIntroductionAddendaMEILAH ????? Copyright PageIntroductionAddendaTAMID ???? Copyright PageIntroductionAddendaMIDDOTH ???? Copyright PageIntroductionAddendaKINNIM ???? Copyright PageIntroductionAddendaBack MatterAPPENDIX: General Reference NotesNote 1Note 2Note 3Note 4Note 5Note 6Note 7Note 8Note 9Note 10Note 11Note 12Note 13Note 14Note 15Note 16Note 17Note 18Note 19Note 20Hadran: Prayers, Benedictions, Hadran and Concluding PrayersCopyright PageIntroductionPrayers, Benedictions, Hadran and Concluding PrayersNotesSUPPLEMENTI. Glossary of the Flora of KodashimII. Incense - Oil - Parchment - WineIncenseOlive OilParchmentWineINDEXESIndex of Biblical ReferencesGenesisExodusLeviticusNumbersDeuteronomyJoshuaI SamuelII SamuelI KingsII KingsIsaiahJeremiahEzekielAmosZechariahPsalmsEzraI ChroniclesII ChroniclesGeneral IndexTaharoth_6Front MatterEpigraphTitle PageCopyright PageHebrew Title PageForeword by the Chief RabbiPreface by the AuthorTable of ContentsGENERAL INTRODUCTIONRitual (or Levitic) Uncleanness (or Defilement)Derivative (or derived) uncleannesses of varying grades or degrees )Purification (or Cleansing)Plague spots, Leprosy signsAuthorities Quoted in the Order TaharothNotesContentsKELIM ???? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDAOHOLOTH ????? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDANEGAIM ????? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDAPARAH ??? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDATAHAROTH ????? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDAMIKVAOTH ?????? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDANIDDAH ??? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDAMACHSHIRIN ??????? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDAZAVIM ???? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDATEVUL YOM ???? ???Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDAYADAYIM ???? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDAUKTSIN ?????? Copyright PageIntroductionADDENDASupplement and index_7Front MatterEpigraphHebrew Title PageHebrew Copyright PageTitle PageCopyright PageFrom the PublisherTable of ContentsPrefaceIntroductionThe MishnahThe relationship between the Written Law and the Oral LawThe Nature of the Oral LawThe Historical ValueThe Personalities of the MishnahThe Importance of the Mishnah in the PastThe Significance of the Mishnah in the Present and the FutureThe Mishnah in EducationNotesContentsA Brief Synopsis of Talmud GrammarElements of Accidence and SyntaxAccentThe AdjectiveAccidenceSyntaxThe Definite ArticleThe NounAccidenceSyntaxNumeralsSyntaxPronounsPrepositionsAdverbsConjunctionsInterjectionsVerbsAccidenceRegular VerbsQuiescent VerbsReduplicated VerbsDefective VerbsDoubly Reduplicated VerbsSyntaxParadigms of the Conjugations of Some Typical Irregular VerbsTalmudic TechnologyOrthography and Foreign WordsAbbreviationsAppendix: General Reference Notes to TaharothNote 1Note 2Note 3Note 4Note 5Note 6Note 7Note 8Note 9Note 10Note 11Note 12Note 13Note 14Note 15Note 16Note 17Note 18Note 19Note 20Note 21. Two Maps - Mishnah Place NamesNote 22. Halachah Le-Moshe Mi-SinaiNote 23. Stomach of a RuminantNote 24. Taryag MitzvothPrayers, Benedictions, Hadran and Concluding PrayersIntroductionPrayers, Benedictions, Hadran and Concluding PrayersHebrew Words of Greek and Latin Origin in the MishnahSupplementGlossary of the Fauna of the MishnahGlossary of the Flora of TaharothIndexesBiblical Index to TaharothGenesisExodusLeviticusNumbersDeuteronomyJoshuaII KingsIsaiahJeremiahAmosPsalmsProverbsRuthDanielEzraI ChronidesII ChroniclesGeneral Index to TaharothBiblical Index to the Seven Volumes of the MishnayothGenesisExodusLeviticusNumbersDeuteronomyJoshuaJudgesI SamuelII SamuelI KingsII KingsIsaiahJeremiahEzekielHoseaJoelAmosJonahMicahHaggaiZechariahMalachiPsalmsProverbsSong of SongsRuthLamentationsEcclesiastesEstherDanielEzraNehemiahI ChroniclesII ChroniclesGeneral Index to the Seven Volumes of the MishnayothCorrigenda and Addenda to all the Seven VolumesVolume IVolume IIVolume IIIVolume IVVolume VVolume VIVolume VII, SupplementThe Alphabet
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A comprehensive literary inquiry into a history of the Exodus tradition as it has evolved through time. The book examines the narrative of Exodus, compares it to biblical sources as well as to information provided in Apocryphic, Pseudepigrahic, Hellenistic and Midrashic documents.

Luah Hashannah 5778
A guide to prayers, readings, laws, and customs for the synagogue and for the home

A broad survey of economic and political conditions in Judaea after Destruction of the Second Temple.

Luah Hashanah 5775
A guide to prayers, readings, laws, and customs for the synagogue and for the home

From Diplomacy to Resistance: A History of Jewish Palestine, 1939-1945
The Second World War was a crucial period in the history of Jewish Palestine. Between 1939 and 1945, the Zionist movement and Jewish Palestine underwent considerable transformation. This carefully documented work recounts the events of that period of time.

Types of Jewish-Palestinian Piety
Original and interesting study of the meaning of piety amoung observant Jews of the late Second Temple period.

Jewish Cooking Around the World: Gourmet and Holiday Recipes
The book presents a variety of recipes from foreign countries and recipes for the Sabbath and festivals, all complying with the Jewish dietary laws. Every recipe has been tested by the author.

Studies in Aggadah and Folk-Literature (Scripta Hierosolymitana, XXII)
With the acception of one article, Tales of the Sage by Uffenheimer, which concerns with Biblical exegesis, all other contributions approach their material from literary perspective or as a part of investigation into their history.

Legends of the Bible
This is storytelling with a grain of salt and a lot of wit; tales springing from the antiquity of oral tradition, told with sheer delight in the glory of a book transformed by a hundred generations whose daily thoughts and deeds were transformed by The Book.

The Third Pillar
Through slow and difficult years of impassioned creative effort, the author has summed up, distilled, symbolized the incomparable tragedy of Jewish people into an essentially poetic form that is clear with a great intellectual clarity, as well as majestic with the grandeur of the theme he treats.

Jesus of Nazareth

Introduction to the Talmud and Midrash
The classic work on the field. Not for beginners; for those interested in a more historical and critical study of Talmud and Midrash.

Nazarene Jewish Christianity
A comprehensive study of the immediate heirs of the earliest Jerusalem church.

Smoke Over Birkenau
The astonishing stories in Smoke Over Birkenau tell of the women who lived and suffered alongside Liana Millu during her months in the concentration camp.

Judaism and Christianity
A signally important work for anyone seriously concerned with Judaism or Christianity. It may prove to be a seminal work, a work that is interesting to both Jews and Christians. No doubt, it has faults, but a lack of nobility is not one of them.

The Devil and the Jews: The Medieval Conception of the Jew and Its Relation to Modern Anti-Semitism
The medieval conception of the Jew as devil – literally and figuratively – is the subject of this classic work, first issued in 1943. The full dimension of the diabolization of the Jew is presented through document, analysis, and illustration. It is a chilling study but an exceedingly important one.

Ethics of Responsibility: Pluralistic Approaches to Conventional Ethics
Ethics of Responsibility bridges the gap between liberal Jewish philosophy and modern Orthodoxy. It is thoughtful reading for both the Jewish and non-Jewish scholar, teacher, and for all readers interested in the study of ethics and morality.

Ruby of Cochin: An Indian Jewish Woman Remembers
This book is a Cochin cake, full of secret goodies and unexpected surprises and mysterious tastes, exotic and familiar. Each story told by Ruby Daniel reveals the unique way of life of the Cochin Jews and preserves it for future generations.

The Guide for the Perplexed
This is the full, unabridged text of one of the greatest philosophic works of all time. Written by a 12th-century thinker who was equally active as an original philosopher and as a Biblical and Talmudic scholar, it is both a classic of great historical importance and a work of living signicance today.

History of the Jews in Russia and Poland, Vol. 3: From the Accession of Nicholas II until 1916. Bibliography and Index.
A History of the Jews in Russia and Poland from the pen of S. M. Dubnow (based upon a work in Russian which was especially prepared for JPS) needs neither justification nor recommendation. The work is divided into thee volumes. The third and concluding volume deals with the reign of Nicholas II., the last of the Romanovs, and also contains the bibliographical apparatus, the maps, the index, and other supplementary material.

Candles in the Night: Jewish Tales by Gentile Authors
To keep aglow the candles of human sympathy, the editor has compiled nearly a thousand items of significant non-Jewish literary and historical expression about the Jews. This volume includes twenty-three short stories and episodes from fourteen different national literatures.

The International Critical Commentary (ICC): Daniel
The very detailed handling of the original languages of Daniel (Hebrew and Aramaic) and frequent references to scholarly works in Latin, French, and German make this the commentary for scholars.

Conversos on Trial. Hispania Judaica, v. 3
This story is eloquently related on the basis of Inquisition files which depict the Conversos' deep yearning to their Jewish past and the ultimate sacrifice they were prepared to offer for their continued adherence to their ancestral faith.

Coat of Many Cultures: The Story of Joseph in Spanish Literature. 1200-1492
The book presents seven works based on the biblical story. All of these works are unmistakably Spanish, though many of them are also undeniably Jewish or Muslim.

Zionism at the UN: A Diary of the First Days
This book records in diary form the events the author was involved in as an emissary of the Political Department of the Jewish Agency for Palestine to the United Nations Conference, meeting in San Francisco in the late spring and early summer of 1945. The demand for a Jewish state on the official level was first made clear at this conference.

The Jews of Navarre in the Late Middle Ages. Hispania Judaica, v. 4
Documented depiction of the economic activities of the Jews and their work at the service of the Crown in this Christian kingdom.

Ahad Ha-Am Asher Ginzberg: A Biography
Ahad Ha-Am's “spiritual Zionism” is still as capable, as it was fifty years ago, of giving inspiration and guidance to a large segment of the Jewry.

Labor, Crafts and Commerce in Ancient Israel
Extensive collection of anecdotal evidence relating to labor, crafts, and trade as thought of and practiced by Sages of the Second Temple and early exilic period.

The Shema: Spirituality and Law in Judaism
The Shema has been described as the central watchword of Jewish faith. The book represents an extensive commentary on the words of the Shema, drawing upon the wide range of traditional sources and the author's own reflections.

The End of Time
A stunning departure from the polemics and social criticism that have made Horowitz one of our most controversial public intellectuals, The End of Time is a wide ranging, unflinching and lyrical meditation on subjects ranging from what parents inadvertently teach us in their deaths, to the forbidding reality of the cancer ward and the way in which figures like Mohammed Atta use death to become gods of their own mad creation.

My Brother s Keeper: A History of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, 1929-1939.
This book deals with the efforts of American Jews - through their overseas aid organization, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee - to come the aid of European Jewry in the crucial prewar decade, 1929-1939.


Volume 9, The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia
Created by Reform Rabbis and Jewish Scholars, many of whom escaped from Nazi Germany, the Encyclopedia exhibits a unique sensitivity to all forms of anti-Semitic agitation and malice and makes every effort to find allies among others, especially Christians, to forge a shield for Jewish people in the face of the coming catastrophe.

The Jewish Encyclopedia
The monumental 12-volume work which laid the foundation of Jewish scholarship in America, written by more than 400 contributors from all over the world--many considered the founding fathers of their respective disciplines,--The Jewish Encyclopedia remains a standard requirement for any collection of  Judaica. Each of its 12 volumes was re-cr

The International Critical Commentary (ICC): NUMBERS
A major work of interpretation, which served--according to Baruch Levin's own words--as “anchor and compass” for his Anchor Bible commentary on Numbers.

Studies in the History of the Jews in Old Poland (Scripta Hierosolymitana, XXXVIII)
The twenty-one studies on the Jews of Old Poland here collected explore many hitherto uncharted aspects of Jewish life and experience in the Polish-Luthuanian Commonwealth.

Selected Religious Poems of Solomon Ibn Gabirol
Solomon Ibn Gabirol was not only a great poet, but also a great philosopher. His vision was broad and his penetration keen. This volume of translations from this rare singer of the Ghetto limits itself to such of his poems as have been incorporated in or designed for the liturgy of the Synagogue.

Tractate Berakhos II: Commentary and Study Guide
The guide to how Rabbis formulated their decrees and delt with changing conditions after the destruction of the Second Temple and the fall of Betar.

History of the Jews in Aragon. Hispania Judaica, v. 1
More than 3,500 regesta in French, and original documents mostly from the Archivo General de la Corona de Aragon, in Barcelona.


JPS Torah Commentary: Numbers
Commentary on the Torah' forth book by one of the most insteresting modern Jewish thinkers.

A Guide to Jewish Religious Practice
This is the most detailed and comprehensive guide to Jewish practice for home and synagogue, written in the spirit of Modern Orthodox and Conservative movements.

New Heart, New Spirit: Biblical Humanism for Modern Israel
New Heart, New Spirit confronts the ethical and moral values of the Bible in the context of the critical situation that Israel and Zionism are facing. It is an outcry and a challenge to the xenophobic movements focused on “holy wars,” power, land, and blood.

Ideology and Settlement
The first deep and detailed research conducted on the subject of carrying out of the policies and enterprises of the JNF in the years prior to World War I.

Tosefta Ki-Fshutah 3

The Mystical Element in Judaism
An alternative to Gershom Scholem's view of Kabbalah by one of the greatest Jewish thinkers; a succinct yet much revealing introduction to Jewish mysticism.

Studies in Hebrew and Ugaritic Psalms
The volume offers a fresh analysis of a central problem of comparative Ugaritic Biblical scholarship: the relationship between biblical psalms and Canaanite literature.

Studies in Jewish Education I: Theory and Research
The focus of this volume is the state of the Jewish educational research and its impact on practice.

The Jews of Charleston: A History of an American Jewish Community
The small group of Jewish inhabitants of Charles Town in South Carolina met in 1750 to organize themselves permanently into a religious community. This book tells that community's story down to the present day. It describes the process of adjustment both of the Jews and their religion.

The International Critical Commentary (ICC): Ezra and Nehemiah
A commentary on one of the most interesting for the modern reader books of the Bible.