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Mekhilta de-Rabbi Ishmael (3 vols.)

by Jacob Lauterbach (tr.)

Bibliographic information

TitleMekhilta de-Rabbi Ishmael (3 vols.)
AuthorJacob Lauterbach (tr.)
PublisherVarda Books
Publication Date2005
SubjectTorah (Oral)


An electronic edition of the original JPSthree-volume set.

Mekhilta de-Rabbi Ishmael is a classic collection of midrash. It contains commentary on a large part of the Book of Exodus (chapters 12 to 23) and represents the two main modes of interpretation: the halakhah (legal doctrine), and the aggadah (moral and religious teachings). The work also contains allusions to historical events and ancient legends not found elsewhere.

The current edition retains the original text from the Jewish Publication Society's1933 editionwith Hebrew and English on facing pages and the original indexes. English is completely reset in order to allow a full-text search. The pagination, howeveris retainedto alloweasyuse in conjunction with numerous other works which refer to this "Judaism's first Scriptural Encyclopedia" as Jacob Neusner called it.

This classic work is widely recognized as a model of meticulous and thorough scholarship. Its translation is accurate, straightforward, and usable by scholars, students, and lay readers. Out of print for many years, it is heralded as an important reissue that should belong to every rabbi, rabbinical school, and Jewish Studies professor, and is an important addition to synagogue libraries and public libraries with Judaica collections.

About the Author 

Jacob Lauterbach (tr.) ---

Jacob Lauterbach (1873-1942) was born in Galicia, studied in Germany, and received rabbinical ordination. In 1903 he immigrated to America and later became professor of Talmud at the Hebrew Union College. A prolific author, his greatest work is considered to be his edition of the Mekhilta, originally published in 1933.

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