Magic Spells and Formulae: Aramaic...

Following the publication of "Amulets and Magic Bowls", several new magic texts were made available to the authors. Presented in the same scholarly manner,this is a valuable insight into the religious life and practices of common people in the Talmudic period.


Magic Spells and Formulae: Aramaic Incantations of Late Antiquity

About Book Magic Spells and Formulae: Aramaic Incantations of Late Antiquity

Front Matter Front Cover Front Flap Title Page Copyright Page Half Title Page Table Of Contents LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONSPREFACEINTRODUCTIONContents TEXTS AND COMMENTARYI. Amulets from Palestine and Syria Amulet 16. Provenance: Horvat Marish (ancient Meroth?). Bronze. Yose son of Zenobia seeks power over the townspeople. Israel Antiquities Authority, 84-317 Amulet 17. Provenance: Tiberias. Silver. Healing Ina daughter of Zecirti from fever and other sickness. Institute of Archaeology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, No. 2028 Amulet 18. Provenance: Unknown. Gold. Removing an evil spirit from Klara daughter of Kyrana. Bernard Gimbel Collection, Saddle River, N.J. Amulet 19. Provenance: Horvat Kannah. Bronze. Removing various kinds of fever from Simon son of Kattia. Private collection Amulet 20. Provenance: Unknown. Silver. Removing (evil) dreams from ... and from Maximion. Bernard Gimbel Collection, Saddle River, N.J. Amulet 21. Provenance unknown. Silver. Healing for Melekh son of Guzu. Geoffrey Cope Collection, Herzlia Amulet 22. Provenance unknown. Silver. Amulet for Theodos(i)us son of Theodora. Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem Amulet 23. Provenance unknown. Bronze. Healing for Teo daughter of Matrona from excrescence. Leonard A. Wolfe Collection, Jerusalem Amulet 24. Provenance unknown. Silver. Healing for Qaduma son of Cyrill. Geoffrey Cope Collection, Herzlia Amulet 25. Provenance unknown. Bronze. Removing the evil spirit from Nonn[a] daughter of Megale. Geoffrey Cope Collection, Herzlia Amulet 26. Provenance unknown. Copper. For Habibi son of Herta against evil encounters. Skirball Museum, Hebrew Union College, Los Angeles, California Amulet 27. Irbid. Silver. For the protection of Marian daughter of Sarah and her foetus. New York Public LibraryAmulet 28. Irbid. Silver. For the protection of Marian daughter of Sarah and her foetus. New York Public Library Amulet 29. Irbid. Bronze. For the protection of Georgius son of Megautes from the evil eye. New York Public Library Amulet 30. Irbid (?). Bronze. For Surah daughter of Sarah, against premature delivery. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Amulet 31. Provenance unknown. Silver. Healing for Cassianus son of Domitia. Leonard A. Wolfe Collection, Jerusalem Amulet 32. Provenance unknown. Christian Palestinian Aramaic. Bronze. Healing for Makaria and Timop... Geoffrey Cope Collection, Herzliah II. Incantation Bowls from MesopotamiaBowl 14. Protection for the house of Dabara son of Shelam with seven seals. Fiorella Cottier-Angeli Collection, Geneva Bowl 15. Removing spirits from Goray son of Burzandukh and his family. Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem Bowl 16. Syriac. Expelling demons from the house of Yoyia son of Rasnendukh. Leonard A. Wolfe Collection, Jerusalem Bowl 17. Syriac. Confounding the evil eye that smote Yoyia son of Rasnendukh. Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem Bowl 18. Removing the Tormentor from Panahurmiz son of Rasn-dukh and his household. Leonard A. Wolfe Collection, Jerusalem Bowl 19. Healing and protection for Mihroy son of Gusnay and others. Einhorn Collection, Tel Aviv Bowl 20. Healing for Karkay son of Abaroy. Einhorn Collection, Tel Aviv Bowl 21. Protection for Duday d. of Immi and others, using the story of an egg that runs after humans. Einhorn Collection, Tel Aviv Bowl 22. Incantation for Marutha d. of Duda, to be protected by four angels on all sides. Einhorn Collection, Tel Aviv Bowl 23. Amulet to protect Sergius son of Barandukh. Alexander L. Wolfe Collection, Jerusalem Bowl 24. Wine-charm for Burz-Bahram son of Dutay. Geoffrey Cope Collection, Herzlia Bowl 25. Healing for Mahoy son of Imma, named Barshuti. Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. Bowl 26. Syriac. Protection for Khusro son of Qaqay and Shelta daughter of Qayumta. Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. Bowl 27. Protection for Berikhishi (?) son of Ahata. Leonard A. Wolfe Collection, Jerusalem III. Amulets and Fragments of Magic Books from the Cairo Geniza Geniza 9. T-S K 1.15. Four pages from a book of magic recipes for easy birth, hatred, and other purposes Geniza 10. T-S K 1.18 + T-S K 1.30. Amulet on paper for a pregnant woman, Habiba daughter of Zahra Geniza 11. T.-S. K 1.19. Four pages from a book of magic recipes: for a barren woman, for opening locks, and for other purposes Geniza 12. T-S K 1.42. Amulet against Ali b. Nuh the Ishmaelite Geniza 13. T-S K 1.57. Fragment from a book of magic recipes: For entering thepresence of a sultan and for a safe journey Geniza 14. T-S K 1.58. From a book of magic recipes: For shutting the mouths of enemies, for repelling scorpions Geniza 15. T-S K 1.80. Formulae for overcoming one's enemies, for divination, and for other purposes Geniza 16. T-S K 1.91 + K 1.117. Formulae for healing, for sleep, for making peace betweena man and his wife, etc. Geniza 17. T-S K 1.132. Recipes for divination, for being influential,for ease of learning, and for other purposes Geniza 18. T-SK 1.143. The Book of Guidance : a twenty-page fragment of a magic book Geniza 19. T-S K1.167. Amulet for Sitahm daughter of Sitt al-Ahl Geniza 20. T-S 12.41. Imprecations against anyone who unlawfully takes possession of a sacred book Geniza 21. T-S Arabic 1c.36. Verses from the Book of Psalms for a headache, for gaining access to the sultan and for a safe journey Geniza 22. T-S Misc. 27.4.11. From a book of magic recipes, with a recipe by R. Shimeon b. Yohay Geniza 23. T-S Arabic 44.44. From a book of magic recipes: Formulae against forgetting, for love, and for other purposes Geniza 24. T-S Arabic 44.127. From a manual of magic recipes: For repelling insects Geniza 25. T-S Arabic 49.54. From a book of magic recipes: For alame woman, for difficulty in childbirth, and for other purposes Geniza 26. T-S Misc. 10.35 + Misc. 10.122. A collection of recipes: For love, for all purposes Geniza 27. T-S Misc. 29.4. Amulet against Abu l-Karam al-Khazzaz the ChristianGeniza 28. T-S NS 246.32. Magic recipes for love, for finding favour with people, and for other purposes Geniza 29. Or. 1080.6.19. Amulet to heal Sacida daughter of Sitt al-Ahl Back Matter Abbreviations, Bibliography, Glossary and IndicesABBREVIATIONSBIBLIOGRAPHYGLOSSARYProper Names of Gods, Angels, Demons and Nomina BarbaraPersonal Names of Clients and AdversariesBiblical Quotations in Amulets and BowlINDICES General IndexIndex of Personal NamesName Of Gods, Angels and Demons Index of QuotationsOLD TESTAMENT QUMRAN, NEW TESTAMENT AND PSEUDEPIGRAPHATARGUMMISHNAH, TALMUD AND MIDRASHMAGICAL AND HEKHALOT TEXTSIndex of WordsPlate Back Flap Back Cover
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