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Front MatterHalf Title PageTitle PageCopyright PageTable Of ContentsPREFACEINTRODUCTORY REMARKSContentsETHICAL PROBLEMS IN THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN DOCTORS AND PATIENTS IN FOURTEENTH-CENTURY SPAIN: ON CHRISTIAN AND JEWISH PRACTITIONERS IntroductionAcknowledgementJEWISH PHYSICIANS AND MEDICINE IN MEDIEVAL SPAINIntroductionSpanish Jews in MedicineJewish Physicians in Muslim SpainJewish Physicians between Andalusia and Christian SpainJews in Medical LiteraturePrivileges and AdvantagesDoctors' Fees and the PoorThe Status of Jewish PhysiciansMedical TrainingChristian Patients in Jewish HandsJewish Physicians in Royal ServiceConclusionMEDICAL LICENSING AND PRACTICE IN MEDIEVAL SPAIN: A MODEL OF INTERFAITH RELATIONSHIPS? THE IDEAL MEDICAL PRACTITIONER IN COUNTER-REFORMATION CASTILE: THE PERCEPTION OF THE CONVERSO PHYSICIAN HENRIQUE JORGE HENRIQUES (C. 1555-1622) 1. Introduction2. Medical practice in sixteenth-century Spain: toward a new pattern 3. Henrique Jorge Henriques (c. 1555-1622): a biographical note 4. Henriques' portrait of the perfect physicianThe perfect physician should be male:The perfect physician should be Roman Catholic: The perfect physician should be university-trained:The non-university practitioners:The education of a university medical practitioner:5. Conclusions(1) A weak arts training (2) Low educational standards in the medical faculties (3) Lack of travel experience(4) Lack of professional control(5) Exclusion of competent practitioners and the promotion of the inefficient THE CONVERSO PHYSICIAN IN THE ANTI-JEWISH CONTROVERSY IN FOURTEENTH-FIFTEENTH CENTURY CASTILEMINORITIES AND MEDICINE IN SIXTEENTH-CENTURY SPAIN: JUDAIZERS, 'MORISCOS' AND THE INQUISITION ACKNOWLEDGEMENTACADEMIC DISCOURSE AND PAIN IN MEDICAL SCHOLASTICISM (THIRTEENTH-FOURTEENTH CENTURIES) 1. The Fall, unbalanced complexion and solution of continuity 2. Pain and a Galen of unknown origin3. The discourse of practical interestFIXING A COST FOR MEDICAL CARE: MEDICAL ETHICS AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC REALITY IN CHRISTIAN SPAIN AS REFLECTED IN JEWISH SOURCES MEDICAL PRACTICE AND JEWISH LAW: NAHMANIDES' SEFER TORAT HAADAM On the Right to Heal and to be HealedOn the Liability of the PhysiciansOn Treatment by Non-JewsTHE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE PROCESS OF REASONING AND THE LEGITIMACY OF MEDICAL THERAPY IN MEDIEVAL SPANISH HALAKHAH 1. Introduction2. Maimonides3. Nahmanides4. Coercive and Alternative Medical Treatment5. Legal Reasoning in the Writings of Maimonides and Nahmanides 6. ConclusionETHICAL PERSPECTIVES IN THE CARE OF INFANTSIN SIXTEENTH TO EIGHTEENTH CENTURY SPAIN The image of the body and the moral qualities of the child in medical worksConcepts relating to the nature of childrenProfile of the ideal doctorThe moral education of those who care for the childEthical Problems in Pediatric CareThe process of moral decision makingTo secure the good of the childTHE ETHICAL MANIPULATION OF THE PATIENT IN THE ANCIENTS VERSUS MODERNS CONTROVERSY: THE IMPACT OF GIUSEPPE GAZOLA'S IL MONDO INGANNATO DA FALSI MEDICI (1716) IN SPAIN IntroductionMedicine, Physicians and Patients in Giuseppe Gazola's Il Mondo Ingannato da Falsi Medici (1716) The Dissemination of Giuseppe Gazola's El Mundo Enganado de Los Falsos Medicos in Spain (1729-1788) 1. The Valencian editions (1729-1788)2. The Sevillian edition of El Mundo Enganado (1729) and the reply by the priest Juan Jose Garcia Romero 3. A belated Italian reply from Madrid to El Mundo Enganado: Giovanni Francesco de Bartolomeis' Il Mondo s'Inganna nella Medicina (1762). ConclusionELEMENTS OF MOSLEM FORENSIC MEDICINERestrictions on free exercise of the medical profession ContractsTortsReligious ProhibitionsCONTEMPORARY TRENDS IN MEDICAL ETHICSMODERN MEDICINE, ETHICAL DILEMMAS, AND THE IMPACT OF THE MEDIEVAL JEWISH CODIFIERS Means, Ends, and Implications: Biomedical Research and Clinical Trials A Value FrameworkMedieval Jewish JurisprudenceHumanity to Other PeoplesErasure of the NameLuminescent PrioritiesThe Abandoned WomanThe Latitudes of Knowledge and Sensibility Back MatterNOTES ON CONTRIBUTORSBack Cover
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Studies in Hebrew Narrative Art (Scripta Hierosolymitana XXVII)
Each of the twelve articles in this volumes illustrates some state of the development of Hebrew narrative prose: from biblical literature though talmudic-midrashic and medieval eras till modern times.

Jesus of Nazareth

The Jews of Moslem Spain, Vol. 2/3
The second and third volume of a monumental survey of the Jewish community in Spain under Moslem rule. (See first volume here) It offers the reader access to a difficult subject. The period is recreated in a narrative that flows with life and vitality...unmatched for scholarship and readability.

Jewish Post-Biblical History through Great Personalities: From Jochanan ben Zakkai Through Moses Mendelssohn
In this book the effort has been to select from the pages of post-Biblical Jewish history the outstanding personalities, to present the life and work of each in such a way as to illustrate the spirit of Judaism in his time, and, in doing this, to analyze and systematize the complex and abstract subject matter so that it may offer the fewest difficulties to the pupil's mind.

What is Jewish Literature?
What Is Jewish Literature? is a richly thoughtful analysis and comprehensive overview of what defines Jewish literature. It is an international collection, an enduring contribution to the literary resource for the those who strive to appreciate, evaluate, and understand the varied riches of Jewish writing.

Introduction to the Talmud and Midrash
The classic work on the field. Not for beginners; for those interested in a more historical and critical study of Talmud and Midrash.

Luah HaShanah 5776

The first of a series of books dealing with “Jewish Worthies,” this volume presents the biography of, perhaps, the most famous Jewish thinker of the Middle Ages with special regard to the general history of the period at which he lived.

Hebrew-English Torah: The Five Books of Moses
This is a Study Edition of the traditional Masoretic text placed next to the classic word-for-word Jewish translation by JPS; it features the most authoritative Hebrew text - based on the Leningrad Codex - complete with cantillation marks, vocalization and verse numbers.

Lost Love: The Untold Story of Henrietta Szold
The book tells the story of Henrietta Szold s lost love through her correspondence with Louis Ginzberg and a previously unpublished private journal.

The Book of Delight and Other Papers
The book contains eight chapters of an absorbing text, including The Book of Delight, A Visit to Hebron, Medieval Mayfaring, and Marriages Are Made in Heaven.

Notes on the New Translation of the Torah
Written with admirable clarity of style and thought, this volume of Notes is capable of being read and appreciated by anyone interested in the process by which modern and classical biblical scholarship are fused together to deepen our understanding of the single most significant book in the Jewish tradition.

History of the Jews: Complete Set in 6 Volumes
A condensed reproduction of the entire eleven volumes of the “Geschichte der Juden,” the first comprehensive attempt to write the history of the Jews as the history of a living people and from a Jewish point of view.

A Guide to Jewish Religious Practice
This is the most detailed and comprehensive guide to Jewish practice for home and synagogue, written in the spirit of Modern Orthodox and Conservative movements.

Islam Unveiled
In Islam Unveiled, Robert Spencer dares to face the hard questions about what the Islamic religion actually teaches — and the potentially ominous implications of those teachings for the future of both the Muslim world and the West.

The International Critical Commentary (ICC): Isaiah I-XXVII
In religion, as elsewhere, great personalities count first, and it is the privilege of a student of the Book of Isaiah to come face to face with one, if not two, such personalities...

Don Isaac Abravanel: Statesman and Philosopher
The story of an extraordinary personality in the history of the Jewish people. Abravanel symbolizes a life of a true son of G-d s chosen people.

Hanukkah: The Feast of Lights
There is a glamour and mystery about the Feast of Lights. Miss Solis-Cohen takes up the challenge of Hanukkah to the modern Jew and tries to explain it. The book will appeal to adults and to children, to those who seek knowledge on the holiday's origin and history.

Rabad of Posquieres: A Twelfth-Century Talmudist
This biographical treatise captures the personality of Rabbad of Posquieres or Rabbi Abraham ben David – one of the most creative talmudic scholars of the twelfth century, chronicles his role in the intellectual history of the Jews in southern France during the twelfth century, and outlines his influence on subsequent generations.

Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics Vol. 3
The most comprehensive work in its class; includes articles on all religions, ethical systems and movements, religious beliefs and customs, philosophical ideas, moral practices, as well as related subjects in anthropology, mythology, folklore, relevant areas of biology, psychology, economics and sociology.

Religion and Zionism First Encounters

Legends of the Jews
A most remarkable and comprehensive compilation of stories connected to the Hebrew Bible drawn largely on Jewish lore and tradition. It is an indispensable reference on that body of literature known as Midrash, the imaginative retelling and elaboration on Bible stories in which mythological tales about demons and magic co-exist with moralistic stories about the piety of the patriarchs.

Tractate Rosh Hashana
For those who wish to go beyond superficial, Master A Mesikta Series is a perfect companion for the study of Talmud. The series provides important background information on Talmud and clarifies its content by focusing on controversies that give it such a power. Using outlines, elucidations, pointed comments, explanations of the sequence, topic overviews, and highlighting the interaction between aggadic portions and legal discussions, the author enables a student to rapidly master material

Hanukkah: The Feast of Lights
There is a glamour and mystery about the Feast of Lights. Miss Solis-Cohen takes up the challenge of Hanukkah to the modern Jew and tries to explain it. The book will appeal to adults and to children, to those who seek knowledge on the holiday's origin and history.

Hasidism and the Jewish Enlightenment: Their Confrontation in Galicia and Poland in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century
Mahler's masterful sociological study is drawn from a variety of sources, including some Polish archival material that was later destroyed by the Nazis. This classic work, originally published in both Yiddish and Hebrew, is a prime example of movements that shaped the spiritual and cultural life of modern Jewry.

Tosefta Ki-Fshutah v.4


Smoke Over Birkenau
The astonishing stories in Smoke Over Birkenau tell of the women who lived and suffered alongside Liana Millu during her months in the concentration camp.

Origins of the Kabbalah
Gershom Scholem opened up a once esoteric world of Jewish mysticism, the Kabbalah, to concerned students of religion: a tradition of repeated attempts to achieve and portray direct experiences of God. A history of the Kabbalah before the Zohar, this book analyzes the leading ideas of Jewish mysticism up to the period of its classical formulation.

Studia Biblica et Ecclesiastica Vol. 3

R. Juspa, Shammash of Warmaisa (Worms)

Jewish History: An Essay in the Philosophy of History
This essay exhibits in a remarkably striking way the author's art of making “all things seem fresh and new, important and attractive.” The author attempts, for the first time, a psychologic characterization of Jewish history. He endeavors to demonstrate the inner connection between events, and develop the ideas that underlie them.

Studies in Jewish Education I: Theory and Research
The focus of this volume is the state of the Jewish educational research and its impact on practice.

Religion and Zionism First Encounters

Studies in Jewish Education VI: Teaching Jewish Values
The emphasis of this volume is on teaching of Jewish values and the development of the curriculum.

Ideology and Settlement
The first deep and detailed research conducted on the subject of carrying out of the policies and enterprises of the JNF in the years prior to World War I.

The Jewish Encyclopedia Vol. 5
A monumental work which laid the foundation of Jewish scholarship in America. Written by more then 400 contributors from all over the world—many considered founding “fathers” of their respective disciplines—this massive 12-volume Encyclopedia remains unsurpassed in many areas. Each of its 12 volumes was re-created by craftsmen of Varda Graphics, Inc. to look as close to the original as possible, while allowing the reader to take advantage of the latest computer technology.

From Diplomacy to Resistance: A History of Jewish Palestine, 1939-1945
The Second World War was a crucial period in the history of Jewish Palestine. Between 1939 and 1945, the Zionist movement and Jewish Palestine underwent considerable transformation. This carefully documented work recounts the events of that period of time.

Judaism and the Origins of Christianity
A massive collection of scholarship of the author who has pioneered new understanding of the Jewish background of early Christianity.

La America: The Sephardic Experience in the United States
The story of the Jewish immigration to the United States of the Levantine Sephardim who entered the United States between 1899 and 1925.

Commentary on the New Testament from the Talmud and Hebraica Vol.3

Ezra Studies

JPS Bible Commentary: Haftarot
The most recent addition to the JPS Bible Commentary series covers the varied selections from the Nevi'im that comprise the haftarot, chanted on Sabbaths and holy days in synagogues.

JPS Torah Commentary: Numbers
Commentary on the Torah' forth book by one of the most insteresting modern Jewish thinkers.

Biblical and Oriental Studies (2 volumes)
Two-volume set of U. Cassuto's Biblical and Ancient Oriental Texts essays.

Medieval Ketubot from Sefarad, Hispania Judaica v. 11
A careful examination of legal and historic aspects of 30 ketubots from various medieval Hispanic kingdoms; includes their comparison.

By Design: science search for God
The book introduces and summarizes two contemporary movements science and religion dialogue and intelligent design . After reading By Design we understand how what was once a battleground between God and science can now become a meeting ground.

Smoke Over Birkenau
The astonishing stories in Smoke Over Birkenau tell of the women who lived and suffered alongside Liana Millu during her months in the concentration camp.

Studia Biblica Vol. 1

JPS Bible Commentary: Esther
In this latest addition to the Jewish Publication Society's commentary series, the reader will further be reworded with many productive and original insights: in this particular case on the background of the feast of Purim.