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Luah Hashanah 5777

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Tips for Using eLua? 5777Front MatterFront coverTitle PageCopyright PageContents PageElectronic ResourcesAbout the AuthorsPrefaceGuide to TransliterationsGuide to Symbols and ConventionsJewish Commemorations 57775780About the Year 5777HEBREW CALENDAR 5777Elul 5776Rosh ?odesh Elul Day 2Shabbat ShofetimShabbat Ki tetseShabbat Ki tavoLeyl Seli?otShabbat NitsavimTishrey 5777Rosh Hashanah Day 1Rosh Hashanah Day 2Tsom GedalyahShabbat Vayelekh? Shabbat ShuvahYom KippurShabbat Ha'azinuSukkot Day 1Sukkot Day 2Shabbat ?ol Hamo'ed SukkotHosha'na RabbahShemini AtseretSim?at TorahShabbat BereshitRosh ?odesh ?eshvan Day 1?eshvan 5777Rosh ?odesh ?eshvan Day 2Shabbat Noa?Shabbat Lekh lekhaShabbat VayeraShabbat ?ayyey sarahKislev 5777Rosh ?odesh KislevShabbat ToledotShabbat VayetseShabbat Vayishla?Shabbat Vayeshev?anukkah Day 1?anukkah Day 2?anukkah Day 3?anukkah Day 4?anukkah Day 5Tevet 5777Rosh ?odesh Tevet ?anukkah Day 6Shabbat Mikkets ?anukkah Day 7?anukkah Day 8Shabbat VayiggashAsarah BetevetShabbat Vay?iShabbat ShemotShevat 5777Shabbat Va'era Rosh ?odeshShabbat BoShabbat Beshalla? Shabbat ShirahChanting Shirat HayamShabbat YitroChanting Aseret HadibberotShabbat Mishpatim Shabbat ShekalimRosh ?odesh Adar Day 1Adar 5777Rosh ?odesh Adar Day 2Shabbat TerumahTa'anit EsterShabbat Tetsavveh Shabbat ZakhorPurimShushan PurimShabbat Ki tissa Shabbat ParahShabbat Vayakhel + Pekudey Shabbat Ha?odeshNisan 5777Rosh ?odesh NisanShabbat VayikraShabbat Tsav Shabbat HagadolBi'ur ?amets Destruction of the ?ametsTa'anit BekhorimPesa? Day 1Pesa? Day 2?ol Hamo'ed Pesa?????Days 1 and 2Shabbat ?ol Hamo'ed Pesa??ol Hamo'ed Pesa?????Last DayPesa? Day 7Pesa? Day 8Shabbat SheminiYom Hasho'ah VehagevurahRosh ?odesh Iyyar Day 1Iyyar 5777Rosh ?odesh Iyyar Day 2Shabbat Tazria + MetsoraYom HazikkaronYom Ha'atsma'utShabbat A?arey Mot + KedoshimPesa? Sheni The 2nd Pesa?Shabbat EmorLag Ba'omer Day 33 of the OmerShabbat Behar + Be?ukkotayYom YerushalayimSivan 5777Rosh ?odesh SivanShabbat BemidbarShavu'ot Day 1Shavu'ot Day 2Shabbat NasoShabbat Beha'alotekhaShabbat Shela? lekhaShabbat Kora? Rosh ?odesh Tammuz Day 1Tammuz 5777Rosh ?odesh Tammuz Day 2Shabbat ?ukkatShabbat BalakShiv'ah Asar BetammuzShabbat Pine?asShabbat Mattot + Mas'eyAv 5777Rosh ?odesh AvShabbat Devarim Shabbat ?azonTish'ah Be'avShabbat Va'et?annan Shabbat Na?amuChanting Aseret HadibberotTu Be'avShabbat EkevShabbat Re'ehRosh ?odesh Elul Day 1Elul 5777Rosh ?odesh Elul Day 2Shabbat ShofetimShabbat Ki tetseShabbat Ki tavoLeyl Seli?otShabbat Nitsavim + VayelekhSECULAR CALENDAR 20162017Sep 2016Sat 3 Sep (evening)Sun 4 SepSat 10 SepSat 17 SepSat 24 Sep (daytime)Sat 24 Sep (night)Oct 2016Sat 1 Oct (daytime)Sat 1 Oct (evening)Sun 2 Oct (morning)Sun 2 Oct (evening)Mon 3 Oct (morning)Mon 3 Oct (evening)Tue 4 Oct (morning)Tue 4 Oct (evening)Wed 5 Oct (morning)Wed 5 Oct (evening)Thu 6 Oct (daytime)Thu 6 Oct (evening)Fri 7 Oct (daytime)Fri 7 Oct (evening)Sat 8 Oct (morning)Sat 8 Oct (evening)Sun 9 Oct (daytime)Sun 9 Oct (evening)Mon 10 Oct (daytime)Mon 10 Oct (evening)Tue 11 Oct (morning)Tue 11 Oct (evening)Wed 12 Oct 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with a New Fruit or with New ClothesBefore Rosh HashanahPreparing a Flame for Yom TovRosh Hashanah Day 1 and Day 2Candle Lighting Day 1Candle Lighting Day 2Rosh Hashanah Meals Day 1 and Day 2TashlikhCandle Lighting for Yom Tov Day 2Celebrating with a New Fruit or New ClothesYom KippurBefore Yom KippurLast Meal before the FastMemorial CandleResting CandleYom Kippur Prohibitions and PracticesBefore Leaving for the SynagogueCandle Lighting for Yom KippurBlessing the ChildrenBefore Kol NidreySukkotLooking Ahead to SukkotBuilding a SukkahAcquiring Lulav and EtrogPreparing for SukkotThe Lulav AssemblyPreparing a Flame for Yom TovMitsvot throughout SukkotEating in the SukkahTaking the Lulav (not on Shabbat)Sukkot Day 1 and Day 2Candle Lighting for Yom Tov Day 1Candle Lighting for Yom Tov Day 2Kiddush Day 1, Day 2, and Shabbat ?ol Hamo'edYom Tov Meals Day 1 and Day 2Waving the Lulav during Hallel (not on Shabbat)Circling the Sanctuary with Lulav and Etrog?ol Hamo'edWearing Tefillin during ?ol Hamo'edHosha'na RabbahHosha'na Prayers and ProcessionsAravot The 5 Willow BranchesShemini Atseret and Sim?at TorahPreparing for Yom TovPreparing a FlameYom Tov Day 1 and Day 2Candle LightingYom Tov Meals Day 1 and Day 2Mashiv Harua?Celebrating with the Torah on Sim?at TorahAttah Hor'eytaHakkafotReading the Torah on Sim?at Torah MorningThe 1st Scroll: Completing the Reading of the TorahThe 2nd Scroll: Beginning the Reading of the Torah Anew?anukkahGeneral Instructions for Candle Lighting at HomeCandle Lighting TimesSetup for the ?anukkiyyah (Menorah, Candelabra)Lighting and BerakhotSpecial Instructions for the SynagoguePurimThe 5 Mitsvot of PurimProcedure for Chanting Megillat EsterBefore Chanting the MegillahChanting the MegillahAfter Chanting the MegillahPesa?In PreparationSearching for ?ametsDisposing of ?ametsFast of the FirstbornSiyyum and Se'udat MItsvahPreparing a Flame for Yom TovPesa? Days 1 and 2Candle Lighting for Yom Tov Day 1Candle Lighting for Yom Tov Day 2Shabbat and Yom Tov Meals Day 1 and Day 2Morid Hatal?ol Hamo'edWearing Tefillin during ?ol Hamo'edPreparing a Flame for Yom TovPesa? Day 7 and Day 8Candle Lighting for Pesa? Day 7Candle Lighting for Pesa? Day 8Pesa? Meals Day 7 and Day 8Yom Ha'atsma'utShavu'otBefore Yom TovPreparing a Flame for Yom TovShavu'ot Day 1 and Day 2Arvit Day 1: Completing 7 Full Weeks of the OmerCandle Lighting for Yom Tov Day 1Candle Lighting for Yom Tov Day 2Yom Tov Meals Day 1 and Day 2Tikkun Leyl Shavu'otRosh Hashanah 5778Seli?ot Penitential PrayersLooking Ahead to Rosh HashanahTeki'at Shofar Hearing the Sounds of the ShofarPreparing to Celebrate with a New Fruit or with New ClothesBefore Rosh HashanahPreparing an Eruv TavshilinPreparing a Flame for Yom TovOTHER COMMEMORATIONSTsom GedalyahAsarah BetevetTa'anit EsterYom Hasho'ah VehagevurahYom HazikkaronLag Ba'omerYom YerushalayimThe 3 WeeksShiv'ah Asar BetammuzThe 9 DaysRestrictionsThe 10th of AvTish'ah Be'avThe Afternoon before Tish'ah Be'avTish'ah Be'av ProhibitionsProcedures in the SynagogueCreating the Tish'ah Be'av MoodChanting Megillat EykhahReciting KinotSPECIAL SHABBATOTShabbat ?anukkah Day 7Shabbat ShirahChanting Shirat HayamShabbat ShekalimShabbat ZakhorShabbat ParahShabbat Ha?odeshShabbat ?azonShabbat Na?amuAppendixesSefirat Ha'omerBirkat KohanimDetermining the Date of a Yortsayt
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History of the Jews in Russia and Poland, Vol. 2: From the Death of Alexander I until the Death of Alexander III. (18251894)
A History of the Jews in Russia and Poland from the pen of S. M. Dubnow (based upon a work in Russian which was especially prepared for JPS) needs neither justification nor recommendation. The work is divided into thee volumes. The second volume treats of the history of Russian Jewry from the death of Alexander I (1825) until the death of Alexander III (1894).

From Diplomacy to Resistance: A History of Jewish Palestine, 1939-1945
The Second World War was a crucial period in the history of Jewish Palestine. Between 1939 and 1945, the Zionist movement and Jewish Palestine underwent considerable transformation. This carefully documented work recounts the events of that period of time.

The Gate Behind the Wall: A Pilgrimage to Jerusalem
When Samuel Heilman took a sabbatical from teaching sociology to spend time in Jerusalem, he did not know that it would become a personal pilgrimage. What had begun by engaging the social scientist in me would end by awakening the Jew, Heilman writes.

The Mystical Element in Judaism
An alternative to Gershom Scholem's view of Kabbalah by one of the greatest Jewish thinkers; a succinct yet much revealing introduction to Jewish mysticism.

The Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges: The Books of Ezra and Nehemiah
Few books oner such a variety of interest or embrace material of such deep significance as Ezra and Nehemiah do. The teaching of these books is of especial value in reference to the faithfulness of the divine promise, the discipline of disappointment, the hallowing of common life, and the preparation for the messianic age.

The Jewish Community: Its History and Structure to the American Revolution. Vol.II.
The second volume of the work that is centered on the European Jewish community of the Middle Ages and early modern times. The author offers a comprehensive historical and sociological analysis of the Jewish communal evolution during the Emancipation era.

Tractate Berakhos II: Commentary and Study Guide
The guide to how Rabbis formulated their decrees and delt with changing conditions after the destruction of the Second Temple and the fall of Betar.

Introduction to the Literature of the Old Testament
Long the standard English work on the subject, now is prepared to work interactively with Hebrew-English Tanakh: the Jewish Bible.

The Jewish Encyclopedia
The monumental 12-volume work which laid the foundation of Jewish scholarship in America, written by more than 400 contributors from all over the world--many considered the founding fathers of their respective disciplines,--The Jewish Encyclopedia remains a standard requirement for any collection of Judaica. Each of its 12 volumes was re-cr

Pirke de-Rabbi Eliezer
Kabbalistic midrashic work on Genesis, part of Exodus, and a few sentences of Numbers ascribed to R. Eliezer b. Hyrcanus.

Tosefta Ki-Fshutah v. 9

Jewish Life In The Middle Ages
A sweeping view of Jewish historical and cultural experience. Written in the end of the 19th century by an extremly astute historian and a storyteller, this volume will assist readers in better understanding the position of Jews in today's world as well.

Luah Hashanah 5774
United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism's official calendar for the Jewish year. It is intended to guide congregations and individuals through the liturgy during the Jewish year 5774.

The Jewish Encyclopedia Vol. 12
A monumental work which laid the foundation of Jewish scholarship in America. Written by more then 400 contributors from all over the worldmany considered founding fathers of their respective disciplinesthis massive 12-volume Encyclopedia remains unsurpassed in many areas. Each of its 12 volumes was re-created by craftsmen of Varda Graphics, Inc. to look as close to the original as possible, while allowing the reader to take advantage of the latest computer technology.

Spanish-Portuguese Synagogue Music

The Jewish Community: Its History and Structure to the American Revolution. Vol. I.
This is the first volume of the work that is centered on the European Jewish community of the Middle Ages and early modern times. The author offers a comprehensive historical and sociological analysis of the Jewish communal evolution during the Emancipation era.

Tractate Pesachim: Commentary and Study Guide
Master a Mesikta Series is probably the most advanced commentary and study guide to Talmud available in English. By providing background material, outlining the contents of the Talmud and its commentaries, explaining the sequence of the Talmud,offering overviews of the topics discussed and clarifying the aggadic literature and its interaction with the legal discussions, this series enables the student to focus on the unity of the tractate, and serves as an aid in helping him in its master

Succeeding at Jewish Education: How One Synagogue Made It Work
Joseph Reimer uses his experience and talent as an ethnographer to bring to life the drama of one synagogue's struggle to make Jewish education work. As a result of his classroom observations Reimer comes away with important insights into what makes Jewish education succeed.

( )

Studia Biblica Vol. 1

Consolation for the Tribulations of Israel
Many centuries ago a thoughtful and scholarly Jew asked the question: Why do the righteous suffer? Anxious to help us reach out for an answer, a brilliant young scholar, Martin A. Cohen, has prepared a translation of Consolaam as tribulaoens de Israel, a history of the Jews written by a Portuguese Marrano who had witnessed the tragic events that befell his people in Portugal in the first half of the sixteenth century.

Folk-lore in the Old Testament: Studies in Comparative Religion Legend and Law. Vol. II
Many traces of the old modes of life and thought survive in the form of folklore. A few such relics of ruder times, as they are preserved like fossils in the Old Testament, are illustrated and explained by the author in this book. The second volume covers Jacob and the kidskins, the passage through the Red Sea, the judgment of Solomon, and other stories.

The Jewish Encyclopedia Vol. 4
A monumental work which laid the foundation of Jewish scholarship in America. Written by more then 400 contributors from all over the worldmany considered founding fathers of their respective disciplinesthis massive 12-volume Encyclopedia remains unsurpassed in many areas. Each of its 12 volumes was re-created by craftsmen of Varda Graphics, Inc. to look as close to the original as possible, while allowing the reader to take advantage of the latest computer technology.

Studies in Mishnaic Hebrew (Scripta Hierosolymitana, XXXVII)
The twenty-two articles in this collection represent the latest results of the research into Mishnaic Hebrew that is conducted in Israel.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon (Complete and Unabridged Electronic Edition)
This is the complete and unabridged electronic edition of the twentieth century finest and most comprehensive Hebrew lexicon available to the English-speaking student of the Hebrew Scriptures.

The Jews of Santa Coloma de Queralt. Hispania Judaica, v. 6
A reconstruction of the Jewish life in a small community, on the basis of notary acts found in local archives.

Maimonides: Torah and Philosophic Quest
In this original study, noted scholar and theologian David Hartman discusses the relation between Maimonides' halakhic writings and The Guide of the Perplexed. This pioneering work earned Dr. Hartman a National Jewish Book Award for a book on Jewish thought.

Studies in Jewish Education X: In Search of Jewish Paideia : Directions in the Philosophy of the Jewish Education
The 10th volume of Studies in Jewish Education reflects the commitment of the Hebrew University in general, and of the Melton Centre in particular, to reflection and research on issues pertaining to Jewish education. The essays and articles appearing in this volume represent the summary of a conference held in honor of Prof. Michael Rosenak on the occasion of his retirement after 33 years of research and teaching at the Melton Centre.

The Jews of Egypt: From Ramses II to Emperor Hadrian
This is the story of the adventures and misadventures of the Jewish people in the land of Egypt shrouded in the mists of biblical history under the Pharaohs; the strange intermezzo of the Jewish mercenary detachment on the island of Elephantine on the upper Nile; the apogee of Jewish culture under the Ptolemies; and, finally, the Jewish community's rapid decline and catastrophic disappearance under Roman rule.

The Shema: Spirituality and Law in Judaism
The Shema has been described as the central watchword of Jewish faith. The book represents an extensive commentary on the words of the Shema, drawing upon the wide range of traditional sources and the author's own reflections.

A History of the Marranos
The tradegy and romance of the story of the secret Jews of the Spanish Peninsula is a lesson that every one must learn and always remember.

Legends of the Bible
This is storytelling with a grain of salt and a lot of wit; tales springing from the antiquity of oral tradition, told with sheer delight in the glory of a book transformed by a hundred generations whose daily thoughts and deeds were transformed by The Book.

Jews in the Hungarian Economy 1760-1945
In the sixteen essays in this volume, scholars from three continents explore dispassionately various facets of the Jewish presence in the Hungarian economy over a span of two centuries. (Two of the articles deal with Vienna which had quite a sizeable contingent of Hungarian Jews.) The topics range from pure economic history dealing with entrepreneurship and occupational structure, to related fields such as demography, urbanization and nutrition. Several studies discuss the interaction of both

The Ambivalent American Jew: Politics, Religion, and Family in American Jewish Life
This book depicts the evolution of American Judaism from its European roots illustrating this theme by focusing on special segments of the community and on Jewish political liberalism, the great effort of American Jews to reshape their political environment to minimize the survival-integration tension.

A comprehensive literary inquiry into a history of the Exodus tradition as it has evolved through time. The book examines the narrative of Exodus, compares it to biblical sources as well as to information provided in Apocryphic, Pseudepigrahic, Hellenistic and Midrashic documents.

JPS Torah Commentary: Deuteronomy
The fifth and final JPS commentary on the last book of the Torah.

Tractate Rosh Hashana
For those who wish to go beyond superficial, Master A Mesikta Series is a perfect companion for the study of Talmud. The series provides important background information on Talmud and clarifies its content by focusing on controversies that give it such a power. Using outlines, elucidations, pointed comments, explanations of the sequence, topic overviews, and highlighting the interaction between aggadic portions and legal discussions, the author enables a student to rapidly master material

Medieval Ketubot from Sefarad, Hispania Judaica v. 11
A careful examination of legal and historic aspects of 30 ketubots from various medieval Hispanic kingdoms; includes their comparison.

English edition of the work for which G. Alon received prestigious Israel Prize. Anyone interested in the origin of the modern Jewish law and the history of the Second Temple must read this book.

Jews, Arabs, Turks
Select essays on Middle Eastern history dealing with Israel, Egypt and Turkey with a focus on politics and cultural relations of Jews, Arabs, and Turks.

The Jew in the Literature of England
The Jew in the Literature of England sums up a history of the Jew as he was reflected in the literature of a civilization. Modder's sense of incident and detail, his command of a whole literature, his capacity to develop the social history that underpins literature make his study both absorbing and illuminating.

The International Critical Commentary (ICC): SAMUEL I & II
Although there have been other contributions on this subject, this volume still is worth having as it contains most of arguments still serving as a basis for modern Christian mainline (and thus also Jewish Reform) liberalism.

Esther's Plea
A facinated exploration of the tie-in between hallachic decision making process and politics through the analysis of the disputes of R. Yehoshua and R. Elazar haModi'in in Tractate Megillah.

The International Critical Commentary (ICC): PROVERBS
... the crown belongs to Crawford H. Toy's voluminous interpretation of the book of Proverbs --Rudolf Smend, from Wisdom in Ancient Israel , Cambridge, 1997.

Don Isaac Abravanel: Statesman and Philosopher
The story of an extraordinary personality in the history of the Jewish people. Abravanel symbolizes a life of a true son of G-d s chosen people.

History of Jewish Coinage and of Money in the Old and New Testament
Madden's work constitutes . . . a record of many rare or unique examples of Jewish art, preserving spontaneity and directness in our contact with the Jewish past. Michael Avi-Yonah Professor of Archaeology at Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Judaism as a Civilization: Toward a Reconstruction of American-Jewish Life
Judaism as a Civilization remains one of the most original and thought-provoking contributions toward creating a comprehensive program for creative Jewish life. In this seminal work, Kaplan offers his now famous concept of Judaism as an evolving religious civilization.

Studies in Hebrew and Ugaritic Psalms
The volume offers a fresh analysis of a central problem of comparative Ugaritic Biblical scholarship: the relationship between biblical psalms and Canaanite literature.

Life, Liberty and the Defense of Dignity: The Challenge for Bioethics
Thoughful, often profound writting about the limits of science and the limits of life, about what makes us human and gives us human dignity.

Hebrew-English Torah: The Five Books of Moses
This is a Study Edition of the traditional Masoretic text placed next to the classic word-for-word Jewish translation by JPS; it features the most authoritative Hebrew text - based on the Leningrad Codex - complete with cantillation marks, vocalization and verse numbers.