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Luah Hashanah 5777

by Miles B. Cohen & Leslie Rubin

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TitleLuah Hashanah 5777
AuthorMiles B. Cohen & Leslie Rubin
PublisherVarda Books
Publication Date2016


A guide to prayers, readings, laws, and customs for the synagogue and for the home

About the Author 

Miles B. Cohen & Leslie Rubin ---


CONTENTS iv Electronic Resources iv About the Authors v Preface vi Guide to Transliterations vii Guide to Symbols and Conventions viii Jewish Commemorations 57775780 x About the Year 5777 תשע״ז אֱלוּל 1 Elul 5776 תִּׁשְרֵי 9 Tishrey חֶׁשְוָן 61 Ḥeshvan כִּסְלֵו 65 Kislev טֵבֵת 77 Tevet שְבָט 89 Shevat אֲדָר 101 Adar נִיסָן 116 Nisan אִיָּר 150 Iyyar סִיוָן 164 Sivan תַּמּוּז 179 Tammuz אָב 188 Av אֱלוּל 204 Elul 212 Appendix A: Sefirat Ha'omer 213 Appendix B: Birkat Kohanim 214 Appendix C: Determining the Date of a Yortsayt

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