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JPS Torah Commentary: Leviticus

by Baruch A. Levine

Bibliographic information

TitleJPS Torah Commentary: Leviticus
AuthorBaruch A. Levine
PublisherVarda Books
Publication Date2004


Levine, like all the JPS Torah commentators, makes use of traditional rabbinic commentaries, and the Mishna, Midrash and Talmud. But it doesn't end here: The commentary goes on to make good use of literary analysis and comparative Semitics; inter-textual commentary relating each book to other biblical books, and evidence from modern archaeological, discoveries.

Especially illuminating is his treatment and analysis of the meaning of Temple sacrifices, described in the context of the Biblical world's era. This work manages to be respectful, religious, and authentic to the Jewish tradition, while at the same time rigorously adhering to the highest standards of biblical criticism and intellectual honesty.

About the Author 

Baruch A. Levine ---

Skirball Professor of Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Studies at New York University. Besides authoring JPS Torah Commentary: Leviticus, he published also commentary on The Anchor Bible series's Book of Numbers, and other works.



A C K N O W L E D G M E N T S vii

I N T R O D U C T I O N xi

G L O S S A R Y xliii

L I S T O F A B B R E V I A T I O N S xlv


The Principal Types of Sacrifice 3

The Expiatory Sacrifices 15

The Disposition of Sacrifices 27

The Initiation of Formal Worship 38

Admonitions on Priestly Conduct 45

The Laws of Kashrut: Proper Foods and Vessels 49

Regulations Concerning the New Mother 56

The Purification of Skin Diseases 58

Discharges from Sexual Organs 69

The Yom Kippur Ritual 74

The Pursuit of Holiness 83

Definition of the Family 89

The Laws of Holiness 94

The Family in Religious Context 104

Laws Governing the Priesthood 107

The Calendar of Sacred Time 117

A Collection of Laws 126

The Principles of Land Tenure 129

Epilogue to the Holiness Code 140

Funding the Sanctuary 148

N O T E S T O T H E C O M M E N T A R Y 155

L E V I T I C U S I N T H E O N G O I N G J E W I S H T R A D I T I O N 169

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