Publisher:  Suny Press
Original Publisher:  Suny Press
Published:  1992
Language:  English
Pages:   240

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About the Book

This book deals with the nature and development of Jewish myth from the Talmudic period through Kabbalah to Hasidism. It describes the changes in this myth in its various stages and the external influences on it. The author shows that myth is in the essence of the Jewish religion and that, rather than being created out of external influences, Kabbalah is one of its manifestions. The book also deals with the related subject of Messianism, and delves into the special spiritual personalities of some messianic figures in Jewish history to show how myth was incarnate in them.


Table of Contents Introduction 1 De Natura Dei: On the Development of the Jewish Myth 2 The Kabbalistic Myth as Told by Orpheus 3 Sabbatean Messianism 4 Sabbetai Zevi's Religious Faith 5 Ha-Tikkun Ha-Kelali of R. Nahman of Bratslav and Its Sabbatean Links Notes Bibliography Sources Index