Publisher:  Varda Books
Published:  2009
Language:  English
Pages:   232

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About the Book

"This volume of Studies in Jewish Education addresses some of the same fundamental issues raised in societies of the Mediterranean in antiquity and late antiquity, and confronts them with the educational wisdom of the past centuries...

The range of the papers is impressive. Joseph Lukinsky opens the English section with a powerful disquisition on the implementations of Max Kadushin's theories of rabbinic literature in an educational setting. This presentation finds its counterpart in Jonathan Cohen's impressive "unpacking" of the educational implications of the seminal work of David Weiss Halivni and Moshe Halbertal, both of whom attended the conference. Finally, Michael Gillis' reflections on Levinas' method of reading Talmud offer valuable insights into that great thinker's contribution to the study and teaching of Talmud.

Pinchas Hayman and Avraham Walfish offer innovative and well documented approaches to teaching Tannaitic literature, with the latter's emphasis on a literary approach to the Mishna. Barbara Wachs, of blessed memory, and Asher Shkedi bring us revealing qualitative studies, with the former presenting a reasoned methodology to enable further studies.

David Resnick reports on the effective use of rabbinic literature in an informal college setting. Simcha Goldsmith locates talmudic literature within its educational-literary genre, while Tzvi Kanarek analyses the contribution of talmudic studies to the development of the thinking of the individual. Finally Marc Hirshman reflects on the disparity between some of the presumptions of rabbinic literature and its audience, a disparity also confronted by students of classical Greek and Roman thought."






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English Section

Marc Hirshman - Introduction 7

Joseph Lukinsky - Teaching חז״ל and the Thought of Max Kadushin 11

Barbara Wachs - A Pre-Curricular Study of Students' Attitudes Toward Family and Jewish Values as Reflected in Classroom Responses to Rabbinic Tales 33

Pinchas Hayman - Methodology and Method in the Teaching of Tannaitic Literature 53

David Resnick - On Teaching the Meaning of Life 73

Simcha Goldsmith - Utilizing Literary Discourse and Reading Research to Understand the Difficulties of Talmud Instruction 85

Hebrew Section