Publisher:  Varda Books
Published:  2009
Language:  English
Pages:   295

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About the Book

Description of the fate of the Conversos in the Kingdom of Jaén at the hands of the Inquisition Tribunal which operated there for 43 years, from 1483 until 1526.


New Page 6

Preface 9

Abbreviations 10


The Sources 11

Territory and Population of Jaen 12

Chapter One. From Jews to Conversos 15

The Aljama and Conversos Neighborhoods 16

The Conversos in the Years Preceding the Establishment of the Inquisition 18

Chapter Two. The Inquisition in Jaen 23

Location 23

The Jurisdiction of the Jaen Tribunal 25

Inquisitors and Officials 26

Rythm of Activities of the Tribunal 28

Chapter Three. The Inquisition at Work 31

The Flight of Conversos 31

The Legal Proceedings of the Inquisition 33

Chapter Four. Condemnations and Punishments 38

Number of the Condemned 38

The Loss of Public Dignities 39

Confiscations of Property 41

Financial Aspects of Confiscations and Penalties 45

Abuses in Property Confiscations 47

Restitution of Property 49

Chapter Five. Conversos and Inquisitors 50

The Influence of Lucero in Jaen 50

Effects of the General Congregation of 1508 53

The Conversos and the Bishop of Jaen 53

Chapter Six. The Trials 55

The Conversos of the Cofradia del Santisimo Sacramento 55

The Family of Ruy Diaz on Trial 57

The Vazquez Family 60

The Lopez de Marruecos Family 61

The Trial of Hernando de Alcaraz (1511-1512) 61

Chapter Seven. Professions and Economic Activities 65

The City of Jaen 65

Ubeda and Villanueva del Arzobisp 70

Conclusion 74

Documents 75

Appendices 243

List of Professions of the Condemned in Jaen 243

List of Professions of the Condemned in

Ubeda and Villanueva del Arzobispo 245

List of the Condemned in Ubeda according to the Accounts of Bachiller Robles 247

Inquisitors and Officials of the Inquisition Tribunal of Jaen 249

Indices 255

List of Documents 255

Subjects 257

Persons 260

Places 278

Plates after 64