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The first deep and detailed research conducted on the subject of carrying out of the policies and enterprises of the JNF in the years prior to World War I.

Ideology and Settlement

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Front MatterHalf Title PageTitle PageCopyright PageDedication PageTable Of ContentsPREFACEINTRODUCTIONABBREVIATIONSContentsPART 1: SOURCES, FOUNDERS, AND ORGANIZATIONI: THE EUROPEAN BACKGROUND1. The Agrarian Reform Movement2. Nationalization of the Land3. The Principle of Self-Labor4. The Cooperative Movement5. Large Organized Settlement ProjectsII: VISIONARIES AND FOUNDERS1. Hermann Schapira2. Max Bodenheimer3. Johann Kremenetzky4. Otto Warburg5. Theodor Herzl6. Herzl and Oppenheimer: The Ideal of Cooperation7. Small Plots, Self-Labor, Intensive Farming, and Primary Equality8. German Colonization in Posen as a ModelIII: GETTING INTO GEAR1. First Steps, 1897-19032. JNF Representation in Palestine, 1903-19073. JNF Land and Settlement Policy in Summer 1907PART 2: WORK IN PALESTINE,1903-1914IV: PREPARATORY SETTLEMENT1. Survey Expeditions2. Mapping the Lands of Palestine3. The Agricultural Experimental StationA Joint Project by the JNF and JCAEstablishing the Experimental Station4. ForestationDonations of Olive Trees and the Herzl ForestActivities Until the First PlantingGroves in Honor of the German Royal CoupleThe Herzl Forest Finds a Home in Huldah and Ben ShemenLegal Status for Donations of Olive Trees AssociationFight Over Jewish Labor A Season of OptimismThe JNF Takes Over the Forestation ProjectA Change in Forestation Policy5. Cooperative Settlement ä la OppenheimerCooperative Settlement and Zionist ProgramSteps Towards RealizationThe Cooperative Settlement in Fule6. Other Experimental SettlementsAn Ultra-Orthodox Religious ColonyThe Ha-Shomer ColonyV: THE JNF ACQUIRES AGRICULTURAL LAND1. Lands South of Lake KinneretA National Agricultural School and the Kishinev OrphansThe Lands of Dalayika and Umm JuniThe Idea of an Agricultural Training-Farm2. The Land of Hittin3. The Land at ?et ArifKiryat Sefer is Shifted to Bet ArifThe JNF Buys the Land of Bet ArifThe End of Kiryat Sefer4. The Land of Huldah5. Tracts Acquired by the JNF East of HaderahThe Goldberg Tract Gan Shemu'elFurther Attempts to Purchase Land in Haderah6. The Land of Dilb7. The Land at Fule (Merhavyah)The JNF Buys Part of the Fule Land8. Further Attempts in the Jezreel ValleyInterim JNF Financing for Tel Shemmam and JeddaThe JNF Buys the Mesra (Tel Addas) LandVI: SETTLING THE JNF AGRICULTURAL TRACTS1. Early Plans for the Tracts South of Lake KinneretDalayika and Umm Juni Go to the JNFEarly Proposals for Settlement2. Settling the Land of DalayikaThe Kinneret Agricultural Training-FarmKinneret under Bermann's AdministrationGolde's Tour of DutyThe Girls' Agricultural Training-FarmHa-Ikkar Ha-Za'ir GroupThe Beginning of Kevuzat Kinneret3. Settlement at Umm JuniThe Sharecroppers GroupThe Haderah Commune at Umm JuniThe Establishment of Deganyah4. Settling the Land of Fule (Merhavyah)The Conquest GroupThe Merhavyah CooperativeThe Moshavah (Smallholder's Colony) at Merhavyah5. Bet Arif (Ben Shemen)Attempts at Enlarging the TractThe Olive NurseryThe Plantation Farm and the Herzl ForestThe Training-Farm and Mixed Intensive Farming6. HuldahHuldah Plantation FarmThe Training-Farm at HuldahThe Huldah Kevuzah (Commune)7. Gan Shemu'elVII: JNF WORK IN THE VETERAN JEWISH COLONIES1. Agrarian Credit to Settlers in Veteran ColoniesZionist Attempts to Establish an Agrarian BankThe JNF Finances a Middle-Term Agrarian Credit FundShort- and Long-Term Agrarian Credit Funds2. Assistance to Pioneer LaborersWorkers' ColoniesHousing for Unmarried WorkersHomes for Married Workers3. Bringing and Settling Yemenite JewsThe JNF Helps Move Yemenite Jews to PalestineHomes and Neighborhoods for the Yemenites4. The JNF Rescues Faltering ColoniesBe'er Ya'akovBe'er ToviyyahVIII: THE JNF ENHANCES JEWISH CITIES1. First Suggestions for Zionist Work in the Cities2. Loans for Setting Up Modern Jewish SuburbsAhuzzat BayitThe Herzliyyah Suburb of HaifaNahalat Benjamin3. Support to High SchoolsHerzliyyah Gymnasium in Tel AvivHebrew Gymnasium in JerusalemThe Reali School in HaifaTahkemoni School in JaffaIX: JEWISH NATIONAL INSTITUTIONS1. The Bezalel School of ArtThe Beginning of BezalelA Center for National InstitutionsThe JNF Acquires the Bezalel BuildingsMore JNF Help for Bezalel2. An Attempt to Establish a National Museum3. The Jewish National Library4. A Tract for the Haifa Technion5. Land for a National Hebrew UniversityBack MatterEPILOGUE1. Principal Stages of JNF Activity, 1903-1914The Stage of Preparatory Projects and Forced Land AcquisitionsThe Stage of Varied but Careful ActivityThe Stage of Self-Initiated Projects and Large-Scale Activity2. The JNF's Relations With the Zionist Organization3. The JNF's Autonomous Status4. The JNF Concept of Settlement5. The JNF, Landscape, and the Zionist Settlement Enterprise6. Laying the FoundationsLIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS AND THEIR SOURCESLIST OF WORLD ZIONIST ORGANIZATIONS' CONGRESSES AND ANNUAL CONFERENCESROUGH RATES OF EXCHANGE BETWEEN THE MAJOR CURRENCIES MENTIONED IN THE BOOK IN THE PERIOD UNDER DISCUSSIONLENGTH AND AREA UNITS (OTHER THAN METRIC) USED IN THE BOOK, AND THEIR ROUGH METRIC EQUIVALENTSBIBLIOGRAPHYArchival SourcesJournals and NewspapersINDEXTITLES IN THE SERIES ISRAEL STUDIES IN HISTORICAL GEOGRAPHYBack Cover
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