History of the Jews in Aragon.

More than 3,500 regesta in French, and original documents mostly from the Archivo General de la Corona de Aragon, in Barcelona.

INTRODUCTION This first volume of the Hispania Judaica Series includes more than 3,500 regesta in French, and original documents mostly from the Archivo general de la Corona de Aragon, in Barcelona. It is intended primarily for scholars and research students of Judeo- Spanish history, and of medieval Jewish history in general. The sources, which cover a period of 114 years from 1213 to 1327, throw light on the political, religious, economic, social, communal and cultural life of the Jews in the Aragonese- Catalan empire during the reigns of James I ( 1213- 1276), Pedro III ( 1276- 1285), Alfonso III ( 1285- 1291) and James II ( 1291- 1327). This period was undoubtedly the golden age of Aragonese Jewry for it then benefited from the leadership of rabbinic authorities of the calibre of Nachmanides and Rabbi Shlomo ben Adret. Our sources indicate very clearly that the status of the Jews in Aragon during this period was due in large measure to the contribution they could make in many fields to the Aragonese monarchs who were then establishing and expanding their empire. At one time or another during this period, the realm of Aragon included Catalunya, Aragon, Valencia, the Balearic Islands, large parts of Languedoc and Provence, Sicily and Sardinia. Few medieval Jewish communities have ever been blessed with such a wealth of documentary evidence as that collected by Jean Regne and presented to the reader in this book. Part I contains the regesta and documents published in the Revue des Etudes Juives. The pagination in parentheses at the bottom refers to the original pagination in that periodical. This will be found useful since in some references to Regne the pages are quoted. We thought it sufficient to indicate the volume of the periodical, which is designated by the abbreviation REJ, only in the first page of a new volume or a sequence of pages. Since all references in the indexes are to the numbers of the regesta, the numbers of the first and last regesta re­spectively are shown in brackets in the upper inner part of the even and odd numbered pages. Part II contains the various indexes, appendices and maps pertaining to Part I. In Part II all the references to the regesta are in Arabic numer­als while the Roman ones refer to the documents. Some 425 entries in the extensive Index of Subjects will lead the reader to the sources dealing with the subject of his research. The Index of Communities will certainly lighten the task of any scholar investigating the history of a particular Aragonese community. VII

History of the Jews in Aragon. Hispania Judaica, v. 1

About Book History of the Jews in Aragon. Hispania Judaica, v. 1

Front MatterHalf Title PageTitle PageCopyright PageTable Of ContentsPREFACEINTRODUCTIONABBREVIATIONS ContentsJAMES I (1213-1276)APPENDICEPEDRO III (1276-1285)ALFONSO III (1285-1291)DOCUMENTS (1213-1291)I 1224, 19 août. — CalatayudII 1254, 7 juillet. — Valence.III 1257, 15 novembre. — Barcelone.IV 1262/3, 13 février. — Saragosse.V 1264, 11 novembre. — Barcelone.VI 1272, 16 août. — Montpellier.VII 1273, 16 juin. — Alcira.VIII 1275,',5 octobre. — Barcelone.IX 1275/6, 22 mars. — Valence.X 1276/7, 24 Janvier. — Murviedro.XI 1277, 17 août. — Au camp, devant Montesa.XII 1280, 15 juillet — Lérida.XIII 1282, 24 avril. — Valence.XIV 1284, 6 juillet. — Téruel.XV 1284/5, 15 mars. — Girone.XVI 1285, 6 mai. — Figueras.XVII 1285, 1er juin. — Col de Panissars.XVIII 1285, 1e r juin. — Col de Panissars.XIX 1285, 31 octobre. — Villafranca.XX 1285/6, 9 janvier. — Majorque.XXI 1286, 19 novembre. — Port-Salon.XXII 1290, 21 décembre. — Barcelone.XXIII 1290/1, 5 janvier. — Barcelone.JAMES II (1291-1327)Back Matter INDEXINDEX OF SUBJECTSINDEX OF COMMUNITIESINDEX OF PLACES OUTSIDE ARAGONINDEX OF PERSONS: JEWSLIST OF CONVERTSINDEX OF PERSONS: NON-JEWSGLOSSARYCOMPARATIVE LIST OF SOURCESMAPSGenealogical table of the kings of Aragon (1213-1327)
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