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A facinated exploration of the tie-in between hallachic decision making process and politics through the analysis of the disputes of R. Yehoshua and R. Elazar haModi'in in Tractate Megillah.

Esthers Plea כתבוני לדורות

Esther's Plea

About Book Esther's Plea

Front Matter Title Page Copyright Page Dedication Page PrefaceTable of ContentsHalf Title Page Contents ESTHER'S PLEAEsther's PleaFirst request: Establish Purim as an annual festivalSecond request: Canonize EstherThe matter is disputed by R. Yehoshua and R. Elazarha Moda'i Importance of this disputeExploring the questionsIn search of the fundamental disputeLife and times of R. YehoshuaA Levi who worked in the TempleA peace advocateResidence in Peki'inThe Age of TrajanR. Gamliel confronts R. YehoshuaWhy get so excited over the status of ma'ariv?There is more to the dispute than the status of ma'arivGod abandoned IsraelHas God abandoned IsraelGod has not abandoned IsraelAn era of confusionMegillat Ta'anitIs ma'ariv mandatoryHadrian gave permission to rebuild the TempleR. Elazar haModa'iRationalist versus KabbalistCanonization of EstherHad Amalek been annihilated?Bar Kokhba and rebuilding the TempleSecond AlternativeBar Kokhba RevoltR. Elazar haModa'i as ActivistMa'amarimSoldiers must be God-fearingRevere your leaderThe redemption is foretold in the dream of the wine-butlerJerusalem will expand beyond its former boundariesPrerequisites to the rebuilding of the TempleEnumeration of sins is positiveGod's bond with IsraelRedemption will proceed incrementallyGod has and will again redeem Israel What will I eat tomorrow? :How much faith must a person have?An alternate viewR. Elazar haModa'i versus R. YehoshuaNormative halakhaMesillat Yesharim and R. Moshe Feinstein concurAdam did physical work in Gan Eden HaShem ya'azor will lead to Torah violationOne should love to workWork is a berakhaWork is a prerequisite for Ru'ach haKodeshllness: Natural or Divine?TWO PERSPECTIVES OF THE SPIRITUAL LEVEL OF THE ISRAELITES WHO LEFT EGYPT:THEIR TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS IntroductionThe disputes might not have been face to faceKabbalist versus rationalistR. Elazar Hamoda'iR. YehoshuaThe Bitter Waters of Marah(15:22) Who ordered Israel to leave Yam Suf?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(15:23) How many encampments were there at Marah?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(15:24) What was the extent of Israel's sin?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(15:25) What type of tree did HaShem show MosheR. Yehoshua: The willowR. Elazar haModa'i: The olive branch(15:25) Which laws did Moshe teach them?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(15:25) What was the effect of these mitzvot on the populace? R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(15:26) What is the explanation of this verse?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'iEilim(15:27) Were the springs at Eilim there by design?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'iMann(16:2) What was the extent of Israel's sin?(16:3) Did the Jews eat meat in Egypt?R. Yehoshua(16:4) Was Israel's complaining sinful?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(16:4) How much faith must a person have?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(16:9) Was the gathering to afford respect or to receive punishment? R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(16:14) What rose to Heaven?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(16:19) Who spoke to the Israelites?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(16:23) To what extent was the taste of the mann personalized? R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(16:26) Did the mann fall on Yom Kippur?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(16:30) What blessing was bestowed for observing Shabbat?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(16:31) To what could the mann be comparedR. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(16:32) For which generations was the mann set asideR. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(16:35) For how many days after Moshe's death did Israel continue to eat the mann.? R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(17:7): Who named Massah and Meriva?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'iAmalek(17:8) Why and how did Amalek attack?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(17:9) By what criteria were the soldiers chosen?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(17:9): Why did Yehoshua need to be prodded to fight Amalek? R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(17:10) What were they going to do on the morrow?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(17:12) Explanation of several versesR. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'iThe disputeYehuda and R. Nechemia, pp. 357-8.)(17:13) To what extent was Amalek slaughtered?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(17:14) Anointment or prophecyR. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(17:14) How much of Amalek need be annihilated and how long would the process take? R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(17:14): What if Amalek is successful?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'iYitro(18:1) What did Yitro hear?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(18:1) Was Yitro a priest or governmental agent?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(18:2): Why did Moshe send away Tzipora?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(18:3) Who was the stranger?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(18:6) How did Yitro communicate with Moshe?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(18:19) For which goodness did Yitro rejoice?(18:20) Of which laws should the nation be informed?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(18:18) How will Moshe be effected?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(18:20) Of which laws should the nation be informed?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(18:21) What are the priorities in choosing judges?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(18:22) Torah study as a prerequisite for a judgeR. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(18:24) Did Moshe consult HaShem?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i(18:27)What gifts did Moshe give his father-in-law?R. YehoshuaR. Elazar haModa'i:Back Matter APPENDICESThe OutlineMarahMannAmalekYitroR. Elazar haModa'i: KabbalistDivine ProvidenceThe Ashurit alphabet and the prohibition of Gentiles' wines
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