Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics Vol.

The most comprehensive work in its class; includes articles on all religions, ethical systems and movements, religious beliefs and customs, philosophical ideas, moral practices, as well as related subjects in anthropology, mythology, folklore, relevant areas of biology, psychology, economics and sociology.

xii GRIERSON ( Sir GEORGE ABRAHAM), K. C. I. E., Ph. D. ( Halle), D. Litt. ( Dublin), I. C. S. ( retired). Fellow of the British Academy; Honorary Member of the American Oriental Society; Honorary Fellow of the Asiatic Society of Bengal; Foreign Associate Member of the Société Asiatique de Paris; Hon. Secretary of the Royal Asiatic Society; Superinten­dent of the Linguistic Survey of India. Tulasi- Dasa. GRIERSON ( HERBERT JOHN CLIFFORD), M. A., LL. D. Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature in the University of Edinburgh; editor of The Poems of John Donne. Vondel. GRIEVE ( ALEXANDER JAMES), M. A. ( Oxon.), B. A., D. D. ( Lond.). Principal of the Lancashire Independent College, Manchester; assistant- editor of Peake’s Commentary on the Bible. Vows ( Christian). HAGAR ( STANSBURY), B. A., LL. B. Counsellor at Law; Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Sci­ence, and the American Anthropological Association; Executive Officer of the Depart­ments of Ethnology and Astronomy in the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences. Sun, Moon, and Stars ( American). HALDANE ( ELIZABETH SANDERSON), C. H., LL. D. Author of The Life of James Ferrier ( 1899), Life of Descartes ( 1905); joint- translator of Hegel’s History of Philosophy ( 1892), and The Philosophical Works of Descartes ( 1911– 12). Voltaire. HARADA ( TASUKU), D. D., LL. D. Formerly President of the Doshisha Univer­sity, Kyoto, Japan. Suicide ( Japanese). HARRISON ( JANE ELLEN), LL. D. ( Aberd.), D. Litt. ( Durham). Staff Lecturer and sometime Fellow of Newnham College, Cambridge; author of The Religion of Ancient Greece ( 1905), Prolegomena to the Study of Greek Reli­gion ( 1907), Themis: a Study of the Social Origins of Greek Religion ( 1912). Titans, Under World ( Greek). HARTLAND ( EDWIN SIDNEY), LL. D., F. S. A. President of the Folklore Society, 1899; President of the Anthropological Section of the British Association, 1906; President of Section I ( Religions of the Lower Culture) at the Oxford International Congress for the History of Religions. 1908; author of The Legend of Perseus, Primitive Paternity, Ritual and Belief. Totemism, Twins. HASTINGS ( ANNE WILSON), M. A. H. M. District Inspector of Factories, Leeds. Utilitarianism. HENKE ( FREDERICK GOODRICH), M. A., Ph. D. Truman D. Collins Professor of Philosophy and Education in Allegheny College, Meadville, Pennsylvania; Member of the Royal Asiatic Society ( North China Branch); author of A Study in the Psychology of Ritualism, The Philosophy of Wang Yang- ming. Wang Yang- ming. HILL ( GEORGE FEANCIS), M. A., ( Oxon.), F. B. A. Keeper of the Department of Coins and Medals in the British Museum. Token, Treaties. HILLEBRANDT ( A. F. ALFRED), Ph. D. ( Munich), LL. D. Ord. Professor of Sanskrit and Comparative Philology in the University of Breslau; Corresponding Member of the Königliche Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Göt­tingen, and of the Royal Bavarian Academy of Sciences; Geheimer Regierungsrat. Worship ( Hindu). INGE ( WILLIAM RALPH), D. D. Dean of St. Paul’s; author of Christian Mysticism ( 1899), Studies of English Mystics ( 1906), Personal Idealism and Mysticism ( 1907), Faith and its Psychol­ogy ( 1908). Synderesis. JACKSON ( A. V. WILLIAMS), Ph. D., L. H. D., LL. D. Professor of Indo- Iranian Languages in Co­lumbia University, New York; author of Zoroaster, the Prophet of Ancient Iran; Persia, Past and Present. Sun, Moon, and Stars ( Iranian). JAMES ( EDWIN OLIVER), B. Sc., B. Litt. ( Oxon.), F. C. S. ( Lond.). Vicar of Holy Trinity, Reading; Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute; Member of Council of the Folklore Society; Secre­tary of the Anthropological Section of the British Association; author of Primitive Ritual and Belief, An Introduction to Anthropology, and other works. Tutelary Gods and Spirits, Water, Water- gods ( Primitive and Savage), Yawning. JENKINSON ( Mrs. CONSTANCE), F. R. A. I. Somerville College, Oxford; Diploma in Anthropology, Oxford. Tatuing. JOHNS ( CLAUDE HERMANN WALTER), M. A., Litt. D., D. D. Late Master of St. Catharine’s College, Cambridge, and Canon Residentiary of Norwich; author of Assyrian Deeds and Documents of the 7th Century B. C., Baby­lonian and Assyrian Laws, Contracts and Letters, the Schweich Lectures on The Rela­tions between the Laws of Babylonia and the Laws of the Hebrew Peoples. Usury ( Babylonian). JOHNSON ( HUMPHREY JOHN T.), B. A. ( Oxon.). Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Insti­tute. Sweat, Sweat- house. JOHNSTON ( REGINALD FLEMING), C. B. E., M. A. ( Oxon.). Tutor to H. M. the Emperor Hsüan T’ung; formerly District Officer and Magistrate, Weihaiwei ( administered the Government 1917– 18); author of From Peking to Mandalay ( 1908), Lion and Dragon in Northern China ( 1910), Buddhist China ( 1913), Letters to a Missionary ( 1918). Vows ( Chinese), War, War- gods ( Chi­nese), Worship ( Chinese). AUTHORS OF ARTICLES IN THIS VOLUMEAnd— Art | Art— Bun  | Bur— Con  | Con— Dra | Dra— Fic  | Fic— Hyk  | Hym— Lib  | Lif— Mul  | Mun— Phr  | Pic— Sac | Sac— Sud  | Suf— Zwi   P a g e      V i e w    P a g e       V i e w  Search | F i n d  | H o m e | Index

Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics Vol. 12

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Folk-lore in the Old Testament: Studies in Comparative Religion Legend and Law. Vol. II
Many traces of the old modes of life and thought survive in the form of folklore. A few such relics of ruder times, as they are preserved like fossils in the Old Testament, are illustrated and explained by the author in this book. The second volume covers Jacob and the kidskins, the passage through the Red Sea, the judgment of Solomon, and other stories.

A compelling biography of Jesus of Nazareth, written by eminent Jewish scholar of the Second Temple and Early Christianity.

A Treatise on the use of the Tenses in Hebrew
If you work with the Hebrew verbal system, this is a book you *must* have read.

Studies in Jewish Education XI: Languages and Literatures in Jewish Education
Languages and Literatures in Jewish Education is dedicated to Prof. Michael Rosenak, the founder of the discipline of the Philosophy of Jewish Education.


La America: The Sephardic Experience in the United States
The story of the Jewish immigration to the United States of the Levantine Sephardim who entered the United States between 1899 and 1925.

Topics In Hebrew and Semitic Linguistics

Engendering Judaism: An Inclusive Theology and Ethics
A pioneering work on what it means to engender Jewish tradition, that is, how women s full inclusion can and must transform our understanding and practice of Jewish law, prayer, sexuality, and marriage. It challenges both mainstream Judaism and feminist dogma, and speaks across the movements as well as to Christian theologians and feminists.

USCJ eLuah 5776

Biblical and Oriental Studies (2 volumes)
Two-volume set of U. Cassuto's Biblical and Ancient Oriental Texts essays.

Jewish Life In The Middle Ages
A sweeping view of Jewish historical and cultural experience. Written in the end of the 19th century by an extremly astute historian and a storyteller, this volume will assist readers in better understanding the position of Jews in today's world as well.


Does God Belong in the Bedroom?
In Does God Belong in the Bedroom? Rabbi Michael Gold turns to the Torah, the wisdom of the rabbis of the Talmud, the Midrash, and other classic Jewish sources. More than a study of texts, the book presents readers with a frank and honest approach to sexual ethics.


Tales of Sendebar
Translated from original Hebrew version of the SEVEN SAGES, this collection of fascinating stories--based on unpublished manuscripts--makes available the complete English translation of Mishle Sendebar, the Hebrew version of an enormously popular medieval romance which originated in the East and was subsequently transmitted westward.

Engendering Judaism: An Inclusive Theology and Ethics
A pioneering work on what it means to engender Jewish tradition, that is, how women s full inclusion can and must transform our understanding and practice of Jewish law, prayer, sexuality, and marriage. It challenges both mainstream Judaism and feminist dogma, and speaks across the movements as well as to Christian theologians and feminists.

The Jewish Community: Its History and Structure to the American Revolution. Vol. I.
This is the first volume of the work that is centered on the European Jewish community of the Middle Ages and early modern times. The author offers a comprehensive historical and sociological analysis of the Jewish communal evolution during the Emancipation era.

Defenses of the Imagination: Jewish Writers and Historical Crisis
A carefully selected set of critical and biographical essays that offer analyses of a spectrum of poems, stories, historical and critical works by selected Jewish writers, who witnessed the presence of humanistic values in the most ghastly historical circumstances of the twentieth century.

The International Critical Commentary (ICC): PROVERBS
... the crown belongs to Crawford H. Toy's voluminous interpretation of the book of Proverbs --Rudolf Smend, from Wisdom in Ancient Israel , Cambridge, 1997.

Judaism and the Origins of Christianity
A massive collection of scholarship of the author who has pioneered new understanding of the Jewish background of early Christianity.

Legends of the Jews
A most remarkable and comprehensive compilation of stories connected to the Hebrew Bible drawn largely on Jewish lore and tradition. It is an indispensable reference on that body of literature known as Midrash, the imaginative retelling and elaboration on Bible stories in which mythological tales about demons and magic co-exist with moralistic stories about the piety of the patriarchs.


Mekhilta de-Rabbi Ishmael (3 vols.)
An electronic edition of JPS's original 3-volume set, based on manuscript and early editions.

The Jewish Encyclopedia Vol. 11
A monumental work which laid the foundation of Jewish scholarship in America. Written by more then 400 contributors from all over the worldmany considered founding fathers of their respective disciplinesthis massive 12-volume Encyclopedia remains unsurpassed in many areas. Each of its 12 volumes was re-created by craftsmen of Varda Graphics, Inc. to look as close to the original as possible, while allowing the reader to take advantage of the latest computer technology.

JPS Bible Commentary: Haftarot
The most recent addition to the JPS Bible Commentary series covers the varied selections from the Nevi'im that comprise the haftarot, chanted on Sabbaths and holy days in synagogues.

Judaism as a Civilization: Toward a Reconstruction of American-Jewish Life
Judaism as a Civilization remains one of the most original and thought-provoking contributions toward creating a comprehensive program for creative Jewish life. In this seminal work, Kaplan offers his now famous concept of Judaism as an evolving religious civilization.

The Jew in the Literature of England
The Jew in the Literature of England sums up a history of the Jew as he was reflected in the literature of a civilization. Modder's sense of incident and detail, his command of a whole literature, his capacity to develop the social history that underpins literature make his study both absorbing and illuminating.

Between East and West: A History of the Jews of North Africa
This book is a valuable contribution to our understanding of the forgotten million that once comprised the great Jewish communities of North Africa. It covers a period of more than two thousand years in the history of those communities.

Studies in Bible II (Scripta Hierosolymitana, XXXI)
The seventeen articles in this collection, present a true sense of the Jerusalem School of Biblical scholarship with its commitment to united the unique heritage of Jewish learning with the methodology and accomplishments of modern biblical research.

Trujillo: A Jewish Community in Extremadura on the Eve of the Expulsion from Spain. Hispania Judaica, v. 2
Based on documents published for the first time, this book reveals the life and surroundings of a community lulled into a false sense of security and endeavouring to build its life in peace while the war against Granada continues.

( )

JPS Torah Commentary: Exodus
Masterly commentary on the second book of the Bible by eminent Jewish scholar.

Tosefta Ki-Fshutah 2

Violence and Defense in the Jewish Experience
Violence has always existed, and the Jews have been its victims for thousands of years in all parts of the world and in all periods of history. The book presents the fruits of the colloquium on Violence and Defense in Jewish History held in Tel-Aviv in 1974.

The Mystical Element in Judaism
An alternative to Gershom Scholem's view of Kabbalah by one of the greatest Jewish thinkers; a succinct yet much revealing introduction to Jewish mysticism.

Jewish Influence on Christian Reform Movements
This work is a study of a few typical Reform Movements or heresies in the history of Catholicism during the Middle Ages and of Protestantism during the Reformation era. It has been undertaken with a view to describing and analyzing the contributions by Jews and Judaism to the rise and development of these movements.

The Fifty-Third Chapter of Isaiah according to the Jewish interpreters (in 2 vols.)
Collection of printed texts and MSS. by Jewish commentators on the 53rd Chapter of Isaiah, brought together by AD. Nubauer and translated with assistance of S.R.Driver.

Israel and the Nations
Israel and the Nations is a handbook of Jewish apologetics. The author's primary goal was to put together all the arguments of Jew-baiting and to explain their nature and origin. This work is a source of information and reference for all those who are in quest of enlightenment.

The 201 of containing in the book Aramaic ostraca dating 361-311 BC are almost exclusive source for the study of the ethnic structure and the economic life for end of the Persian rule in the Land of Israel and the beginning of the Hellenistic period.

Rabad of Posquieres: A Twelfth-Century Talmudist
This biographical treatise captures the personality of Rabbad of Posquieres or Rabbi Abraham ben David one of the most creative talmudic scholars of the twelfth century, chronicles his role in the intellectual history of the Jews in southern France during the twelfth century, and outlines his influence on subsequent generations.

A broad survey of economic and political conditions in Judaea after Destruction of the Second Temple.

Community and Polity: The Organizational Dynamics Of American Jewry (Revised and Updated Edition)
Community and Polity explores in depth the developments in the American Jewish community in the post-WWII period. Like the first edition, it is designed to serve two purposes: to provide a basic survey of the structure and functions of the American Jewish community and to suggest how that community should be understood as a polity that is not a state but is no less real from a political perspective.

Chess in Jewish History and Hebrew Literature
This book deals with the origins of chess from before 500 A.D. and its appearance in Jewish sources and literature until the middle of the 19th century.

Volume 10, The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia
Created by Reform Rabbis and Jewish Scholars, many of whom escaped from Nazi Germany, the Encyclopedia exhibits a unique sensitivity to all forms of anti-Semitic agitation and malice and makes every effort to find allies among others, especially Christians, to forge a shield for Jewish people in the face of the coming catastrophe.

Blessed is the Match: The Story of Jewish Resistance
This book is a classic account of Jewish tragedy, faith, hope, and triumph. Published originally in 1947, it is one of the first works to deal with the horrors and the heroism of the Holocaust years.

A History of the Marranos
The tradegy and romance of the story of the secret Jews of the Spanish Peninsula is a lesson that every one must learn and always remember.

The International Critical Commentary (ICC): Ezra and Nehemiah
A commentary on one of the most interesting for the modern reader books of the Bible.

Palestine in the 18th Century

Tales of Sendebar
Translated from original Hebrew version of the SEVEN SAGES, this collection of fascinating stories--based on unpublished manuscripts--makes available the complete English translation of Mishle Sendebar, the Hebrew version of an enormously popular medieval romance which originated in the East and was subsequently transmitted westward.