Conversos and the Inquisition in Jaén.

Description of the fate of the Conversos in the Kingdom of Jaén at the hands of the Inquisition Tribunal which operated there for 43 years, from 1483 until 1526.

Conversos and the Inquisition in Jaén. Hispania Judaica, v. 7

About Book Conversos and the Inquisition in Jaén. Hispania Judaica, v. 7

Front Matter Front Flap Front Map Half Title PageEditorial BoardTitle Page Copyright PageDedication PageTable Of ContentsPREFACEABBREVIATIONSContentsINTRODUCTIONThe SourcesTerritory and Population of Jaén1. FROM JEWS TO CONVERSOSThe Aljama and Conversos NeighborhoodsDISTRIBUTION BY QUARTERS OF PERSONS IN THE CITY OF JAÉNThe Conversos in the Years Precedingthe Establishment of the Inquisition2. THE INQUISITION IN JAÉNLocationThe Jurisdiction of the Jaén TribunalInquisitors and OfficialsRhythm of Activities of the Tribunal3. THE INQUISITION AT WORKThe Flight of ConversosThe Legal Proceedings of the Inquisition4. CONDEMNATIONS AND PUNISHMENTSNumber of the CondemnedThe Loss of Public DignitiesConfiscations of PropertyFinancial Aspects of Confiscations and PenaltiesAbuses in Property ConfiscationsRestitution of Property5. CONVERSOS AND INQUISITORSThe Influence of Lucero in JaénEffects of the General Congregation of 1508 The Conversos and the Bishop of Jaén6. THE TRIALSThe Conversos of the Cofradia del Santisimo Sacrament The Family of Ruy Diaz on TriaThe Vazquez FamilyThe Lopez de Marruecos FamilyThe Trial of Hernando de Alcaraz (1511-1512) 7. PROFESSIONS AND ECONOMIC ACTIVITIESThe City of JaénÜbeda and Villanueva del ArzobispoCONCLUSIONDOCUMENTSSIGNS1 A.G.S., R.G.S., XI, 1484, folio 80 Seville, November 28, 1484 2 A.G.S., R.G.S., XII, 1484, folio 57 Seville, December 4, 14843 A.G.S., R.G.S., XII, 1484, folio 30 Seville, December 23, 14844 A.H.P.J., leg. 2, folio 16 r Jaén, January 25, 14855 A.G.S., R.G.S., IV, 1485, folio 210 Cordoba, April 5, 1485 6 A.G.S., R.G.S., IV, 1485, folio 5 Cordoba, April 16, 14857 A.G.S., R.G.S., IV, 1485, folio 25 Cordoba, April 16, 14858 A.H.D.J., Seccion Universidad de Priores y Curas Pârrocos, Leg. 24, n° 27. Cordoba, May 1, 1485 9 A.H.P.J., Leg. 1, folio 144 r Jaén, May 16, 148510 A.H.P.J., Leg. 1, folio 153 ? 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Leg. 131, n° 16, folios 11 Or- 116r Trial of Hernando de Alcaraz Jaén, 1511-151250 A.H.P.J., Leg. 13, folios 371v-372r Jaén, August 25, 151151 A.H.P.J., Leg. 5, folios 274v-275r Jaén, September 21, 151152 A.H.P.J., Leg. 13, folio 548 r/v Jaén, October 28, 151153 A.H.P.J., Leg. 13, folio 585 r/v Jaén, December 17, 151154 A.H.P.J., Leg. 5, folio 606 r/v Jaén, June 27, 151455 A.H.P.J., Leg. 27, folios 205r-207r Jaén, February 27, 151556 A.H.P.J., Leg. 28, folios 36v-38r Jaén, June 19, 151657 A.H.P.J., Leg. 28, folios 99r-100r Jaén, August 17, 151658 A.H.P.J., Leg. 28, folios 125r-126r Jaén, August 28, 151659 A.H.P.J., Leg. 7, folios 21r-22v Jaén, January 30, 152260 A.H.P.J., Leg. 17, folio 111 r / v Jaén, April 9, 152261 A.H.P.J., Leg. 17, folios 187v-188v Jaén, June 2, 152262 A.H.P.J., Leg. 6, a separate page next to folio 519 Jaén, July 2, 1522 63 A.H.P.J., Leg. 88, folios 272r-273r Jaén, November 8, 152264 A.H.P.J., Leg. 17, folio 512 r/v Jaén, December 1, 152265 A.H.P.J., Leg. 18, folio 647 r / v Jaén, August 16, 152666 A.H.N., Inq., Leg. 5238, n° 1, folio 122 r / v Jaén, May 15, 1549 67 A.H.N., Inq., Leg. 5238, n° 1, fol. 121 r / v Cordoba, January 29, 1632Back MatterAPPENDICESI. LIST OF PROFESSIONS OF THE CONDEMNED IN JAEN II. LIST OF PROFESSIONS OF THE CONDEMNED IN ÜBEDA AND VILLANUEVA DEL ARZOBISPO ÜbedaVillanueva del ArzobispoIII. LIST OF THE CONDEMNED IN UBEDA ACCORDING TO THE ACCOUNTS OF BACHILLER ROBLESIV. INQUISITORS AND OFFICIALS OF THE INQUISITION TRIBUNAL OF JAÉNINDICESLIST OF DOCUMENTSSUBJECTSPERSONSPLACESPlatesBack Map Back Flap
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