Between East and West: A History...

This book is a valuable contribution to our understanding of “the forgotten million” that once comprised the great Jewish communities of North Africa. It covers a period of more than two thousand years in the history of those communities.

Between East and West

Between East and West: A History of the Jews of North Africa

About Book Between East and West: A History of the Jews of North Africa

FRONT MATTERTitle PageCopyrightPrefaceCONTENTSINTRODUCTIONPART 1 From Antiquity to the Byzantine Period1 The Carthaginian Era: 813–416 B.C.E.The Origins of the Jewish and Berber PopulationsThe Rule of CarthageThe Jewish Communities2 Pax Romana: 146 B.C.E.~430 C.E.The UprisingsSites of the Jewish ColoniesJewish LifeThe Spread of Judaism among the BerbersThe Beginning of Suppression3 Vandals and Byzantines: 430~642 C.E.The Effects of the Vandal ConquestRenewed Repression under ByzantiumPART 2 The Rule of Islam4 The Moslem Conquest of the Maghreb: 642–ca. 9OOBerber and Jewish Resistance to the ArabsKahcnaThe Early Years of Moslem RuleThe Dark Ages5 The Status of the Jews under IslamThe Attitude of Islam toward the JewsThe Dhimmi and the Charter of OmarThe Dhimmi in the MaghrebOutbreaks against the Jews6 Judaism in the Maghreb: The Oriental ComponentsThe Nature of Maghrebian JudaismThe SynagogueThe Bible and the TalmudThe Rabbi and the Rabbinical CourtLanguageDressPopular Customs, Superstitions and Occult PracticesThe Veneration of SaintsCenters of Jewish Learning before 1391K A I R O U A NF E ZT L E M C E N7 Judaism in the Maghreb: The Spanish ComponentThe Expulsion from SpainThe Spanish Jews in North AfricaFriction Between Toshavim and MegurashimCommunity OrganizationCenters of Jewish Learning after 1391A L G I E R ST L E M C E NThe Contribution of the Spanish Jews to Intellectual Life in the MaghrebMysticism8 The Condition of the Jews in the Nineteenth CenturyEyewitness AccountsA L G E R I AM O R O C C OThe Mellah and the HaraM O R O C C OT U N I S I AA L G E R I AHealth, Sanitation and Popular Medical PracticeEconomic LifeEducationThe Jews as an ElitePART 3 The French Period9 The Emancipation of Algerian Jewry: 183O-1962The French Occupation of AlgeriaThe Beginning of Legal EmancipationThe Crémieux Decree and the Granting of French CitizenshipAnti-SemitismThe Jews in Algerian Political Life10 The Status of the Jews in Tunisia (1881-1956) and French Morocco (1912-1956)T U N I S I AAhmed Bey and Mohammed BeyThe Trial of Batto Sfez and its ConsequencesThe Fundamental PactRepercussions of the PactThe Situation under the ProtectorateNationality and JurisdictionThe Tunisian Community during the Post-War PeriodThe Jews in Tunisian AffairsF R E N C H M O R O C C OThe Consequences of the ProtectorateThe Legal Position of the JewsThe Nature of Moroccan NationalityThe Moroccan Jewish Community StructureThe Beginning of Emigration to Israel11 Population Trends Among the Jewish CommunitiesDefinition of the North African JewThe North African Communities and World JewryA L G E R I APopulation IncreaseGeographical DistributionT U N I S I APopulation GrowthBirth and Mortality RatesGeographical DistributionM O R O C C OEstimates of the Jewish PopulationPopulation DistributionCasablanca RegionMarrakesh RegionFez RegionMeknès RegionRabat RegionOujda RegionAgadir RegionSpanish Morocco and the International Zone of TangiersAge StructureFrench Influences on the North African Communities12 Facing WestEducationA L G E R I AT U N I S I AM O R O C C OJewish Intellectuals in the MaghrebEconomic LifeA L G E R I AT U N I S I AM O R O C C OThe Jews in the North African Economy13 Social ConditionsHousingA L G E R I AT U N I S I A A N D M O R O C C OHealthA L G E R I AT U N I S I A A N D M O R O C C OSocial IllsB E G G A R YP R O S T I T U T I O NC R I M E A N D D E L I N Q U E N C YThe Emergence of a New Man14 Judaism in Modern TimesThe Crisis of JudaismA L G E R I AT U N I S I A A N D M O R O C C OStatistical AppendicesBibliographyIndex:Rabbinical Justice and its EvolutionWomen, Marriage, Polygamy and DivorceJewish LearningZionism in North AfricaChristian, Moslem and JewPART 4 Dissolution15 Independence and ExodusThe Rise of NationalismIndependenceT U N I S I AM O R O C C OA L G E R I AExodus16 IsraelImmigrationCharacteristics of the North African ImmigrationEncounterSettlement and AbsorptionH E A L T HP I O N E E R S E T T L E M E N TE C O N O M I C I N T E G R A T I O NS O C I A L W E L F A R EH O U S I N GC R I M E A N D D E L I N Q U E N C YE D U C A T I O NCitizens of IsraelNOTESAbbreviationsNotesStatistical AppendicesBibliographyIndex
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The Jewish Community: Its History and Structure to the American Revolution. Vol. III.
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Sunset Possibilities and Other Poems
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The Jews of Charleston: A History of an American Jewish Community
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