Ah, Assyria... (Scripta Hierosolymitana XXXIII)...

Thirty outstanding papers on Assyrian history and its connection and impact on Biblical Israel.

Ah, Assyria... (Scripta Hierosolymitana XXXIII)

About Book Ah, Assyria... (Scripta Hierosolymitana XXXIII)

Front Matter Half Title Page Title pageTable of content PREFACEABBREVIATIONSContent PART ONE: NEO-ASSYRIAN HISTORYTHE CITIES OF THE MEDESPHOENICIAN OVERLAND TRADE WITHIN THE MESOPOTAMIAN EMPIRESPhoenicia and AssyriaPhoenicia and Babylonia THE SAMARIAN(S) IN THE ASSYRIAN SOURCESOnomastic examination The content of the source and the context of the reference to the Samarian(s) :THE ACHIEVEMENT OF TIGLATH-PILESER III: NOVELTY OR CONTINUITY?ESARHADDON'S LETTER TO THE GODS THE CYPRIOT VASSALS OF ESARHADDONTHE TRADE NETWORK OF TYRE ACCORDING TO EZEK. 27Ezek. 27 and the Trade of TyreThe Geographical PictureThe CommoditiesTrade TerminologyThe General Statement (Trade-partners)The Analytical Statement (Traded Goods)Conclusions and PerspectivesFORCED PARTICIPATION IN ALLIANCES IN THE COURSE OF THE ASSYRIAN CAMPAIGNS TO THE WESTIntroductionJoram of Israel and Hazael of Aram-DamascusZakkur of Hamath and Bar-Hadad of Aram-DamascusJehoash of Israel and Bar-Hadad of DamascusKushtashpi of Kummuh and Sarduri II of UrartuThe Syro-Ephraimite WarHezekiah and the Philistine KingdomsSEMIRAMIS: HER NAME AND HER ORIGINELEMENTS OF ARAMEAN PRE-HISTORYPART TWO: LITERARY AND HISTORIOGRAPHICAL STUDIESA PLAIDOYER ON BEHALF OF THE ROYAL SCRIBESNARRATIVE AND IDEOLOGICAL VARIATIONS IN THE ACCOUNT OF SARGON'S EIGHTH CAMPAIGNThe righteous king and the treacherous enemyThe difficult landscape and the heroic suzerain The bigger they are, the harder they fall THE DEATH OF KINGS: TRADITIONAL HISTORIOGRAPHY IN CONTEXTUAL PERSPECTIVETHE SUCCESSION NARRATIVE AND ESARHADDON'SAPOLOGY: A COMPARISON HISTORY AND LITERATURE IN THE PERSIAN PERIOD:THE RESTORATION OF THE TEMPLEVIIISOLOMON AND SULGI: A COMPARATIVE PORTRAITTHE QUESTION OF DISTINCTIVENESS IN ANCIENT ISRAEL:AN ESSAY: PETER MACHINISTLARGE NUMBERS IN THE ASSYRIAN ROYAL INSCRIPTIONSRound NumbersSources of InformationExact NumbersVariant FiguresFeasible FiguresInflated Numbers?Evaluating the Large NumbersConclusion THE COMMAND OF THE GOD AS A REASON FORGOING TO WAR IN THE ASSYRIAN ROYALINSCRIPTIONS: BUSTANAY ODED The Gods have the Legitimate Authority to Declare WarThe Gods are Patrons of a Treaty between Two States Holy War The Assyrian King is the Rod of Wrath in the Hand of the GodsThe King is Responsible to the Gods rather than to the PeopleThe Closeness of the Assyrian King to the GodsTo Assure the Results of Battles in AdvanceConclusionPART THREE: TEXTS AND TEXTUAL STUDIESTHE RITUAL TABLET AND RUBRICS OF MAQLU:TOWARD THE HISTORY OF THE SERIESIntroductionThe Ritual TabletRitual Tablet and Rubrics: Description of the RelationshipRUBRICSTablet IITablet III RITUAL TABLETTablet IXRubrics and Ritual Tablet: Direction and Nature of the RelationshipToward a History of MaqluASSUR-UBALLIT I AND THE SUTIANSA SMALL CHAPTER FROM THE THEME: PROLEGOMENA TO ASSYRIAN EMPIREComments on passageCommentsSARGON'S REPORT ON KISH.A PROBLEM IN AKKADIAN PHILOLOGYTranslation (Sumerian)Translation (Akkadian)Commentary (Sumerian)Commentary (Akkadian)Historical Evaluation?OLD AND MIDDLE ASSYRIAN ROYALINSCRIPTIONS—MARGINALIADedicatory or Votive?''Auto-dictation NEBUCHADNEZZAR AT THE PARTING OF THE WAYS: EZEK. 21:26-27CommentASYLUM AT ALEPPO: A NOTE ON SFIRE III, 4-7: JONAS C. GREENFIELDABSTRUSE SUMERIANAkkadianismsOrthographyDialectsGenderPhrase StructureMisinterpretations?1p. sg. -biPurposive -bi-men used as 1 p.sg. object-elementImperative PL in -es and -nene-enzen used as possessive suffixTricks and Puns(?)Syntactic DisplacementIV R 20:1 AJSL 35(1918), 139OrthographyDialectsGenderPunningSyntactic DisplacementThe various peculiarities here discussedTHE CORONATION AND CONSECRATION OF SULGIIN THE EKUR (SULGI G)IntroductionContent and Literary StructureCultic-Historical SettingOrthography, Grammar and SyntaxAkkadian GlossesTransliteration and TranslationCommentaryAN UNKNOWN KING IN AN UNKNOWN CITYASSURBANIPAL'S MESSAGE TO THE BABYLONIANS (ABL 301), WITH AN EXCURSUS ON FIGURATIVE BILTUProblem 2ProblemProblem 7ExcursusAUTOBIOGRAPHICAL REFLECTIONS OF A UNIVERSITY TEACHERBack Matter LIST OF CONTRIBUTORSBIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE WORKS OF HAYIM TADMORCopyright Page Title Page
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Volume 3, The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia
Created by Reform Rabbis and Jewish Scholars, many of whom escaped from Nazi Germany, the Encyclopedia exhibits a unique sensitivity to all forms of anti-Semitic agitation and malice and makes every effort to find allies among others, especially Christians, to forge a shield for Jewish people in the face of the coming catastrophe.

Meeting of Cultures and Clash of Cultures

The Anti-Chomsky Reader
Provocative essays that analyze Noam Chomsky's intellectual and political career: coverage includes Chomsky's contribution to linguistics, his hatred of Israel, gloating reaction to the September 11 attacks, as well as his collaboration with Holocaust revisionists, apologies Pol Pot, and others.

The Jews of Arab Lands in Modern Times
Norman A. Stillman continues the saga he so eloquently began in his first volume, The Jews of Arab Lands, up through the dramatic events of the twentieth century. This book focuses on the forces, events, and personalities that over the past 150 years have shaped the Jewish communities of the Arab world.

A History of the Jews in Christian Spain. Vol. 2
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Between East and West: A History of the Jews of North Africa
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Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics Vol. 2
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Sacred Fragments: Recovering Theology for the Modern Jew
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The Fifty-Third Chapter of Isaiah according to the Jewish interpreters (in 2 vols.)
Collection of printed texts and MSS. by Jewish commentators on the 53rd Chapter of Isaiah, brought together by AD. Nubauer and translated with assistance of S.R.Driver.

JPS Torah Commentary: Genesis
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The Sages -- Their Concepts and Beliefs
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Tosefta Ki-Fshutah v.4

Volume 7, The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia
Created by Reform Rabbis and Jewish Scholars, many of whom escaped from Nazi Germany, the Encyclopedia exhibits a unique sensitivity to all forms of anti-Semitic agitation and malice and makes every effort to find allies among others, especially Christians, to forge a shield for Jewish people in the face of the coming catastrophe.

History of the Jewish People
... a single volume (containing) the multitude of details of nearly 40 centuries of Jewish history (provided) with conciseness, clarity, and completeness. . . entire work is informed by a broad philosophic grasp of the subject, a rare balance and objectivity of treatment, and a warm love for the Jewish people and its heritage. Robert Gordis Encyclopaedia Judaica

Introduction to the Talmud and Midrash
The classic work on the field. Not for beginners; for those interested in a more historical and critical study of Talmud and Midrash.

History of the Jews, Vol. 1: From the Earliest Period to the Death of Simon the Maccabee (135 B.C.E.)
A condensed reproduction of the first comprehensive attempt to write the history of the Jews as the history of a living people and from a Jewish point of view. The first volume covers the period from the entry of Israelite tribes into the land of Canaan to the settlement of the Judeans in Egypt.

Tosefta Ki-Fshutah v.4

The End of Time
A stunning departure from the polemics and social criticism that have made Horowitz one of our most controversial public intellectuals, The End of Time is a wide ranging, unflinching and lyrical meditation on subjects ranging from what parents inadvertently teach us in their deaths, to the forbidding reality of the cancer ward and the way in which figures like Mohammed Atta use death to become gods of their own mad creation.

The Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges: The Book of Deuteronomy
The force and individuality of this Book; its consistency and distinctiveness from the other documents of the Pentateuch as well as its differences from much of the custom and practice both in early and later Israel, make it stand out.

The Jew in the Literature of England
The Jew in the Literature of England sums up a history of the Jew as he was reflected in the literature of a civilization. Modder's sense of incident and detail, his command of a whole literature, his capacity to develop the social history that underpins literature make his study both absorbing and illuminating.

JPS Bible Commentary: Haftarot
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The Third Pillar
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Aspects of the Dead Sea Scrolls (Scripta Hierosolymitana IV)
Ten contributions from various perspectives on this unique find: from the departments of Bible, Archaeology, Hebrew Philology, Linguistics, and Comparative Religion, by E.Y. Kutscher, Yigael Yudin, N. Avigad, Jacob Light, M. H. Segal, Chaim Rabin, Shemaryahu Talmon, Z. Ben-Hayyim, and David Flusser.

The Goddess Anath
A major contribution to Ugaritic scholarship, The Goddess Anath--Cassuto's work on Canaanite Epics of the Patriarchal Age--is a classic authored by one of the greatest Bible scholars.

The Path of the Upright: Mesillat Yesharim
The Path of the Upright, Rabbi Moshe Hayyim Luzzatto's guide to the perfection of human soul, stands on its own as one of the most influential and inspirational ethical works in Judaism. In this work, the author probes every aspect of the human personality and offers advice on ways to overcome its weaknesses. The Path of the Upright: Messillat Yesharim is a bilingual edition in Hebrew and English.

JPS Torah Commentary: Leviticus
Levine ably brings modern scholarship as well as rabbinic commentary to bear when discussing the text in this third book in JPS Torah Commentary series.

The first of a series of books dealing with “Jewish Worthies,” this volume presents the biography of, perhaps, the most famous Jewish thinker of the Middle Ages with special regard to the general history of the period at which he lived.

The Jews of Egypt: From Ramses II to Emperor Hadrian
This is the story of the adventures and misadventures of the Jewish people in the land of Egypt – shrouded in the mists of biblical history under the Pharaohs; the strange intermezzo of the Jewish mercenary detachment on the island of Elephantine on the upper Nile; the apogee of Jewish culture under the Ptolemies; and, finally, the Jewish community's rapid decline and catastrophic disappearance under Roman rule.

Violence and Defense in the Jewish Experience
Violence has always existed, and the Jews have been its victims for thousands of years in all parts of the world and in all periods of history. The book presents the fruits of the colloquium on Violence and Defense in Jewish History held in Tel-Aviv in 1974.

The International Critical Commentary (ICC): Judges
The commentary, which pays a close attention to early history of social and religious life of Israel.

Tosefta Ki-Fshutah 2

Luah Hashannah 5778
A guide to prayers, readings, laws, and customs for the synagogue and for the home

Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar, 2nd English Edition
Interactive edition of one of the most important Biblical Hebrew grammar ever published in English.

The International Critical Commentary (ICC): Psalms (in 2 volumes)

Selected Poems of Jehudah Halevi
The gift of song, cherished and tended as it was by the Spanish Jews of the Middle Ages, reached its highest development in the poems of Jehudah Halevi. His love poems are made of dew and fire. But in his poems to Zion there is no such combination of a poet's ordinary artifices. It is his soul that is the instrument—and on his heartstrings is played the song of Israel's hope.

The Torah: The Five Books of Moses
This acclaimed new translation of the Torah--the Holy Scriptures of the Jewish people,--was prepared according to the Masoretic Text by the Jewish Publication Society (Philadelphia), world s oldest Jewish book publisher. Electronic version of it, which is a searchable replica of the printed version was prepared by Varda Books in 2002, with all the latest corrections and revisions having been incorporated.

Come Under the Wings: A Midrash on Ruth
Grace Goldin makes the character of Ruth more vivid in her poetry. Two classical idioms, that of the Jewish imagination, and that of English verse, are strikingly joined in the book.

Religion and Zionism First Encounters

Literary Studies In The Hebrew Bible Form And Content
This volume focuses on some major issues in biblical research. In the studies collected in this volume, the author aims at highlighting salient literary modes which can be identified the books of the Hebrew Bible.

Engendering Judaism: An Inclusive Theology and Ethics
A pioneering work on what it means to engender Jewish tradition, that is, how women s full inclusion can and must transform our understanding and practice of Jewish law, prayer, sexuality, and marriage. It challenges both mainstream Judaism and feminist dogma, and speaks across the movements as well as to Christian theologians and feminists.

The Bunker
The book tells a story of seven Jews who succeeded in escaping the massacre of Jews that followed the Warsaw uprising in 1944. From about September 1944 until January 1945 the author lived with six others in a bunker under inconceivable conditions. Yet they survived. How they managed this is told in The Bunker.

Historisch-kritisches Lehrgebäude der hebräischen Sprache (in drei Bänden)
This is the largest compilation of grammatical material for Hebrew Bible.

Short Description

By Design: science search for God
The book introduces and summarizes two contemporary movements science and religion dialogue and intelligent design . After reading By Design we understand how what was once a battleground between God and science can now become a meeting ground.

Smoke Over Birkenau
The astonishing stories in Smoke Over Birkenau tell of the women who lived and suffered alongside Liana Millu during her months in the concentration camp.

Studies in Israel Legislative Problems (Scripta Hierosolymitana, XXII)
An impressive collection of thoughts on major legal problems facing Israel, a country where the law is at a transitional stage and in the process of continous growth.

A Commentary on the Book of Genesis (Part I): from Adam to Noah
One of the greatest masterpieces of Jewish Biblical scholarship directed against the Documentary Hypothesis or so-called Higher Critisism.

The Jews of Moslem Spain, Vol. 1
This is the first volume of a monumental survey of the Jewish community in Spain under Moslem rule. (See second and third volumes here). It offers the reader access to a difficult subject. The period is recreated in a narrative that flows with life and vitality...unmatched for scholarship and readability.

The International Critical Commentary (ICC): Daniel
The very detailed handling of the original languages of Daniel (Hebrew and Aramaic) and frequent references to scholarly works in Latin, French, and German make this the commentary for scholars.

The Jewish Encyclopedia, Index Volume
A monumental work which laid the foundation of Jewish scholarship in America. Written by more then 400 contributors from all over the world—many considered founding “fathers” of their respective disciplines—this massive 12-volume Encyclopedia remains unsurpassed in many areas. Each of its 12 volumes was re-created by craftsmen of Varda Graphics, Inc. to look as close to the original as possible, while allowing the reader to take advantage of the latest computer technology.