Ah, Assyria... (Scripta Hierosolymitana XXXIII)...

Thirty outstanding papers on Assyrian history and its connection and impact on Biblical Israel.

Ah, Assyria... (Scripta Hierosolymitana XXXIII)

About Book Ah, Assyria... (Scripta Hierosolymitana XXXIII)

Front Matter Half Title Page Title pageTable of content PREFACEABBREVIATIONSContent PART ONE: NEO-ASSYRIAN HISTORYTHE CITIES OF THE MEDESPHOENICIAN OVERLAND TRADE WITHIN THE MESOPOTAMIAN EMPIRESPhoenicia and AssyriaPhoenicia and Babylonia THE SAMARIAN(S) IN THE ASSYRIAN SOURCESOnomastic examination The content of the source and the context of the reference to the Samarian(s) :THE ACHIEVEMENT OF TIGLATH-PILESER III: NOVELTY OR CONTINUITY?ESARHADDON'S LETTER TO THE GODS THE CYPRIOT VASSALS OF ESARHADDONTHE TRADE NETWORK OF TYRE ACCORDING TO EZEK. 27Ezek. 27 and the Trade of TyreThe Geographical PictureThe CommoditiesTrade TerminologyThe General Statement (Trade-partners)The Analytical Statement (Traded Goods)Conclusions and PerspectivesFORCED PARTICIPATION IN ALLIANCES IN THE COURSE OF THE ASSYRIAN CAMPAIGNS TO THE WESTIntroductionJoram of Israel and Hazael of Aram-DamascusZakkur of Hamath and Bar-Hadad of Aram-DamascusJehoash of Israel and Bar-Hadad of DamascusKushtashpi of Kummuh and Sarduri II of UrartuThe Syro-Ephraimite WarHezekiah and the Philistine KingdomsSEMIRAMIS: HER NAME AND HER ORIGINELEMENTS OF ARAMEAN PRE-HISTORYPART TWO: LITERARY AND HISTORIOGRAPHICAL STUDIESA PLAIDOYER ON BEHALF OF THE ROYAL SCRIBESNARRATIVE AND IDEOLOGICAL VARIATIONS IN THE ACCOUNT OF SARGON'S EIGHTH CAMPAIGNThe righteous king and the treacherous enemyThe difficult landscape and the heroic suzerain The bigger they are, the harder they fall THE DEATH OF KINGS: TRADITIONAL HISTORIOGRAPHY IN CONTEXTUAL PERSPECTIVETHE SUCCESSION NARRATIVE AND ESARHADDON'SAPOLOGY: A COMPARISON HISTORY AND LITERATURE IN THE PERSIAN PERIOD:THE RESTORATION OF THE TEMPLEVIIISOLOMON AND SULGI: A COMPARATIVE PORTRAITTHE QUESTION OF DISTINCTIVENESS IN ANCIENT ISRAEL:AN ESSAY: PETER MACHINISTLARGE NUMBERS IN THE ASSYRIAN ROYAL INSCRIPTIONSRound NumbersSources of InformationExact NumbersVariant FiguresFeasible FiguresInflated Numbers?Evaluating the Large NumbersConclusion THE COMMAND OF THE GOD AS A REASON FORGOING TO WAR IN THE ASSYRIAN ROYALINSCRIPTIONS: BUSTANAY ODED The Gods have the Legitimate Authority to Declare WarThe Gods are Patrons of a Treaty between Two States Holy War The Assyrian King is the Rod of Wrath in the Hand of the GodsThe King is Responsible to the Gods rather than to the PeopleThe Closeness of the Assyrian King to the GodsTo Assure the Results of Battles in AdvanceConclusionPART THREE: TEXTS AND TEXTUAL STUDIESTHE RITUAL TABLET AND RUBRICS OF MAQLU:TOWARD THE HISTORY OF THE SERIESIntroductionThe Ritual TabletRitual Tablet and Rubrics: Description of the RelationshipRUBRICSTablet IITablet III RITUAL TABLETTablet IXRubrics and Ritual Tablet: Direction and Nature of the RelationshipToward a History of MaqluASSUR-UBALLIT I AND THE SUTIANSA SMALL CHAPTER FROM THE THEME: PROLEGOMENA TO ASSYRIAN EMPIREComments on passageCommentsSARGON'S REPORT ON KISH.A PROBLEM IN AKKADIAN PHILOLOGYTranslation (Sumerian)Translation (Akkadian)Commentary (Sumerian)Commentary (Akkadian)Historical Evaluation?OLD AND MIDDLE ASSYRIAN ROYALINSCRIPTIONS—MARGINALIADedicatory or Votive?''Auto-dictation NEBUCHADNEZZAR AT THE PARTING OF THE WAYS: EZEK. 21:26-27CommentASYLUM AT ALEPPO: A NOTE ON SFIRE III, 4-7: JONAS C. GREENFIELDABSTRUSE SUMERIANAkkadianismsOrthographyDialectsGenderPhrase StructureMisinterpretations?1p. sg. -biPurposive -bi-men used as 1 p.sg. object-elementImperative PL in -es and -nene-enzen used as possessive suffixTricks and Puns(?)Syntactic DisplacementIV R 20:1 AJSL 35(1918), 139OrthographyDialectsGenderPunningSyntactic DisplacementThe various peculiarities here discussedTHE CORONATION AND CONSECRATION OF SULGIIN THE EKUR (SULGI G)IntroductionContent and Literary StructureCultic-Historical SettingOrthography, Grammar and SyntaxAkkadian GlossesTransliteration and TranslationCommentaryAN UNKNOWN KING IN AN UNKNOWN CITYASSURBANIPAL'S MESSAGE TO THE BABYLONIANS (ABL 301), WITH AN EXCURSUS ON FIGURATIVE BILTUProblem 2ProblemProblem 7ExcursusAUTOBIOGRAPHICAL REFLECTIONS OF A UNIVERSITY TEACHERBack Matter LIST OF CONTRIBUTORSBIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE WORKS OF HAYIM TADMORCopyright Page Title Page
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Tosefta Ki-Fshutah v. 8

Ah, Assyria... (Scripta Hierosolymitana XXXIII)
Thirty outstanding papers on Assyrian history and its connection and impact on Biblical Israel.

Mekhilta de-Rabbi Ishmael (3 vols.)
An electronic edition of JPS's original 3-volume set, based on manuscript and early editions.

The Jewish Community: Its History and Structure to the American Revolution. Vol. I.
This is the first volume of the work that is centered on the European Jewish community of the Middle Ages and early modern times. The author offers a comprehensive historical and sociological analysis of the Jewish communal evolution during the Emancipation era.

History of the Jews, Vol. 5: From the Chmielnicki Persecution of the Jews in Poland (1648 C.E.) to the Present Time (1870 C.E.)
A condensed reproduction of the first comprehensive attempt to write the history of the Jews as the history of a living people and from a Jewish point of view. The fifth volume covers the period from the Chmielnicki Persecution of the Jews in Poland to the Present Time.

The International Critical Commentary (ICC): HAGGAI, ZECHARIAH, MALACHI AND JONAH
For all the talk about Bible being a source of Western ethics, Mitchell's is one of the very few books extant that pays more then a lip service to this concept.

Chapters on Jewish Literature
The twenty-five short chapters on Jewish Literature open with the fall of Jerusalem in the year 70 of the current era, and end with the death of Moses Mendelssohn in 1786. This book has been compiled with the definite aim of providing an elementary manual of Jewish literature both for home and school use.

Rabad of Posquieres: A Twelfth-Century Talmudist
This biographical treatise captures the personality of Rabbad of Posquieres or Rabbi Abraham ben David – one of the most creative talmudic scholars of the twelfth century, chronicles his role in the intellectual history of the Jews in southern France during the twelfth century, and outlines his influence on subsequent generations.

The Life of the People in Biblical Times
When books survive as long as our biblical collection has survived, a certain discrepancy between intention and comprehension is inevitable. But if we wish to read attentively, we must make the effort to reconstruct the concrete shell of the past as well as its essential spiritual factors. This is exactly what this book gives us.

The Jews of Yugoslavia: A Quest for Community
This work is a pioneer study of a little-known part of the modern Jewish world that is at once unique and a microcosm of European Jewry as a whole. The story of the Jews of Yugoslavia can be seen as a quest for community, to forge a unity of communal purpose and endeavor.

The Jewish Encyclopedia Vol. 2
A monumental work which laid the foundation of Jewish scholarship in America. Written by more then 400 contributors from all over the world—many considered founding “fathers” of their respective disciplines—this massive 12-volume Encyclopedia remains unsurpassed in many areas. Each of its 12 volumes was re-created by craftsmen of Varda Graphics, Inc. to look as close to the original as possible, while allowing the reader to take advantage of the latest computer technology.

Conversos and the Inquisition in Jaén. Hispania Judaica, v. 7
Description of the fate of the Conversos in the Kingdom of Jaén at the hands of the Inquisition Tribunal which operated there for 43 years, from 1483 until 1526.


Sacred Fragments: Recovering Theology for the Modern Jew
Winner of the National Jewish Book Award, this book will be a stimulating and rewarding step to exploring and restoring Jewish theology – and faith – at a time when belief is continually challenged and yet so very needed.

Tosefta Ki-Fshutah v. 5

Zionism at the UN: A Diary of the First Days
This book records in diary form the events the author was involved in as an emissary of the Political Department of the Jewish Agency for Palestine to the United Nations Conference, meeting in San Francisco in the late spring and early summer of 1945. The demand for a Jewish state on the official level was first made clear at this conference.

History of the Jews in Russia and Poland, Vol. 1: From the Beginning until the Death of Alexander I (1825)
A History of the Jews in Russia and Poland from the pen of S. M. Dubnow (based upon a work in Russian which was especially prepared for JPS) needs neither justification nor recommendation. The work is divided into thee volumes. The first volume contains the history of the Jews of Russia and Poland from its beginnings until 1825.

A Guide to Jewish Religious Practice
This is the most detailed and comprehensive guide to Jewish practice for home and synagogue, written in the spirit of Modern Orthodox and Conservative movements.

Mekhilta de-Rabbi Ishmael (3 vols.)
An electronic edition of JPS's original 3-volume set, based on manuscript and early editions.

Defenses of the Imagination: Jewish Writers and Historical Crisis
A carefully selected set of critical and biographical essays that offer analyses of a spectrum of poems, stories, historical and critical works by selected Jewish writers, who witnessed the presence of humanistic values in the most ghastly historical circumstances of the twentieth century.

The Bunker
The book tells a story of seven Jews who succeeded in escaping the massacre of Jews that followed the Warsaw uprising in 1944. From about September 1944 until January 1945 the author lived with six others in a bunker under inconceivable conditions. Yet they survived. How they managed this is told in The Bunker.

Divine Law in Human Hands
A revealing look at the reciprocal relationship between the Halakha as an abstract system and the realities of the Jewish life.

A Commentary on the Book of Genesis (Part I): from Adam to Noah
One of the greatest masterpieces of Jewish Biblical scholarship directed against the Documentary Hypothesis or so-called Higher Critisism.

A Separate Republic
Based on the Libro Grande, which is included in this volume, this authoritative analysis of the Venetian Jewish community of the 17th century gives a snapshot of the political and social structure of the Jews of Venice as they related to the general population of the Venetian Republic of that period and to the ethnic,economic, and religious diversity within their own community.

Collected Writings in Jewish Studies
This collection of articles in Jewish Studies has been authored by, what many consider, the most important scholar of the rabbinic life and literature in the post WWII period.

Coat of Many Cultures: The Story of Joseph in Spanish Literature. 1200-1492
The book presents seven works based on the biblical story. All of these works are unmistakably Spanish, though many of them are also undeniably Jewish or Muslim.

Legends of the Jews
A most remarkable and comprehensive compilation of stories connected to the Hebrew Bible drawn largely on Jewish lore and tradition. It is an indispensable reference on that body of literature known as Midrash, the imaginative retelling and elaboration on Bible stories in which mythological tales about demons and magic co-exist with moralistic stories about the piety of the patriarchs.

Mystic Tales from the Zohar
A translation of eight of the most interesting narratives found in the Zohar. In addition, the book contains a comprehensive introduction, a glossary, notes, and a bibliography.

The International Critical Commentary (ICC): GENESIS
An electronic edition of Skinner's main work.

Folk-lore in the Old Testament: Studies in Comparative Religion and Law. Vol. III
Many traces of the old modes of life and thought survive in the form of folklore. A few such relics of ruder times, as they are preserved like fossils in the Old Testament, are illustrated and explained by the author in this book. In the third volume The Keepers of the Threshold, the Bird-Sanctuary, The Silent Widow, and other stories are discussed.

Studies in Jewish Education V: Teaching Classical Jewish Texts
This volume is dedicated to issues arising in the process of teaching classical Jewish texts.

Studies in Jewish Education X: In Search of Jewish Paideia : Directions in the Philosophy of the Jewish Education
The 10th volume of Studies in Jewish Education reflects the commitment of the Hebrew University in general, and of the Melton Centre in particular, to reflection and research on issues pertaining to Jewish education. The essays and articles appearing in this volume represent the summary of a conference held in honor of Prof. Michael Rosenak on the occasion of his retirement after 33 years of research and teaching at the Melton Centre.

The International Critical Commentary (ICC): PROVERBS
... the crown belongs to Crawford H. Toy's voluminous interpretation of the book of Proverbs --Rudolf Smend, from Wisdom in Ancient Israel , Cambridge, 1997.

Hasidism and the Jewish Enlightenment: Their Confrontation in Galicia and Poland in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century
Mahler's masterful sociological study is drawn from a variety of sources, including some Polish archival material that was later destroyed by the Nazis. This classic work, originally published in both Yiddish and Hebrew, is a prime example of movements that shaped the spiritual and cultural life of modern Jewry.

The Pharisees: The Sociological Background of Their Faith (2 volume-set)
The Pharisees constituted a religious Order of singular influence in the history of civilization. Judaism, Christianity, and Mohammedanism all derive from this ancient Palestinian Society. This book uncovers the origins and fundamental aspects of Pharisees' faith from sociological point of view.

The Conversos of Majorca. Hispania Judaica, v. 5
Life and death in a crypto-Jewish community of Conversos of XVII century Majorca.

Bernard Revel: Builder of American Jewish Orthodoxy
A biography of and assesment of ideas of one of the major personalities of American Jewish Orthodoxy.

A Catalogue of Fragments of Halakhah and Midrash from the Cairo Genizah
The core of this impressive volume is its catalog of Rabbinica that is accompanied by twelve facsimile pages of representative documents.

Tosefta Ki-Fshutah v. 10

The End of Time
A stunning departure from the polemics and social criticism that have made Horowitz one of our most controversial public intellectuals, The End of Time is a wide ranging, unflinching and lyrical meditation on subjects ranging from what parents inadvertently teach us in their deaths, to the forbidding reality of the cancer ward and the way in which figures like Mohammed Atta use death to become gods of their own mad creation.

Volume 3, The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia
Created by Reform Rabbis and Jewish Scholars, many of whom escaped from Nazi Germany, the Encyclopedia exhibits a unique sensitivity to all forms of anti-Semitic agitation and malice and makes every effort to find allies among others, especially Christians, to forge a shield for Jewish people in the face of the coming catastrophe.

Luah HaShanah 5776

Christianity and Judaism: Two Covenants
A great historian of Jewish religion analyzes the conflictual relationship between Christianity and Judaism.

Tractate Rosh Hashana
For those who wish to go beyond superficial, Master A Mesikta Series is a perfect companion for the study of Talmud. The series provides important background information on Talmud and clarifies its content by focusing on controversies that give it such a power. Using outlines, elucidations, pointed comments, explanations of the sequence, topic overviews, and highlighting the interaction between aggadic portions and legal discussions, the author enables a student to rapidly master material

The Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges: The Book of Exodus
The Book of Exodus sets before us, as the Hebrews of later ages told it, and in the vivid, picturesque style which the best Jewish historians could always command, the story of the deliverance from Egypt.

Pesikta de-Rab Kahana
A winner of the National Jewish Book Award in 1976, this book is the translation of the Pesikta, a famous collection of midrashim. The Pesikta emerged in a time of deep crisis for the Jewish people, disappeared sometime in the sixteenth century, and was reborn only in the nineteenth century.

The International Critical Commentary (ICC): Chronicles
The author of this interesting work, has little sympathy with that subjective criticism which prescribes beforehand an author's scheme of composition and then regards all contrary to this scheme as interpolations or supplements.

The Jewish Encyclopedia Vol. 10
A monumental work which laid the foundation of Jewish scholarship in America. Written by more then 400 contributors from all over the world—many considered founding “fathers” of their respective disciplines—this massive 12-volume Encyclopedia remains unsurpassed in many areas. Each of its 12 volumes was re-created by craftsmen of Varda Graphics, Inc. to look as close to the original as possible, while allowing the reader to take advantage of the latest computer technology.