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A History of the Jewish People in the Time of Jesus Christ (in 5 vols.)

About Book A History of the Jewish People in the Time of Jesus Christ (in 5 vols.)

1.1 A History of the Jewish People in the Time of Jesus Christ. Div. I. Vol. I.Front MatterTitle PageCopyright PageContents of Division I. Vol. IINTRODUCTION.§ l. SCOPE AND LITERATURE§ 2. AUXILIARY SCIENCESa. Jewish Archaeologyb. Geographyc. Chronologyd. Numismaticse. Inscriptions§ 3. THE SOURCESa. The Book of Maccabeesb. Non-Extant Sourcesc. Josephusd. Greek and Roman Writerse. Rabbinical LiteratureFIRST DIVISION.FIRST PERIOD. FROM ANTIOCHUS EPIPHANES DOWN TO THE CONQUEST OF JERUSALEM BY POMPEYTHE RISE OF THE MACCABEES AND THE PERIOD OF FREEDOM, B.C. 175–63A SKETCH OF THE HISTORY OF SYRIA DURING THE LAST CENTURY OF THE SELEUCID DYNASTY, B.C. 175–63Antiochus IV. EpiphanesAntiochus V. EupatorDemetrius I. SoterAlexander BalasDemetrius II. NicatorAntiochus SidetesDemetrius II. Nicator (a second time)Seleucus VAntiochus VIII. GryposAntiochus IX. Cyzicenos§ 4. RELIGIOUS DESTITUTION AND REVIVAL§ 5. THE TIMES OF JUDAS MACCABAEUS, B.C. 165–161§ 6. THE TIMES OF JONATHAN, B.C. 161–143§ 7. SIMON, B.C. 142–135§ 8. JOHN HYRCANUS, B.C. 135–105§ 9. ARISTOBULUS, B.C. 105–104§ 10. ALEXANDER JANNÄUS, B.C. 104–78§ 11. ALEXANDRA, B.C. 78–69§ 12. ARISTOBULUS II., B.C. 69–63SECOND PERIOD. FROM THE CONQUEST OF JERUSALEM BY POMPEY TO THE HADRIAN WAR.THE ROMAN-HERODIAN PERIOD, B.C. 63-A.D. 135SKETCH OF THE HISTORY OF THE ROMAN PROVINCE OF SYRIA FROM B.C. 65-A.D. 70I. The Period of the Fall of the Republic, B.C. 65–301. Syria under the predominating Influence of Pompey, B.C. 65–482. The Times of Caesar, B.C. 47–463. Syria under the Administration of Cassius, B.C. 44–424. Syria under the Government of Marc Antony, B.C. 41–30II. The Days of the Empire, B.C. 30-A.D. 701. Octavianus Augustus, B.C. 30-A.D. 142. Tiberius, A.D. 14–373. Caligula, A.D. 37–414. Claudius, A.D. 41–545. Nero, A.D. 54–68§ 13. HYRCANUS II. (B.C. 63–40), ANTIPATER, PHASAEL, AND HEROD§ 14. ANTIGONUS, B.C. 40–37§ 15. HEROD THE GREAT, B.C. 37–41.2 A History of the Jewish People in the Time of Jesus Christ. Div. I. Vol. II.Front MatterTitle PageCopyright PageContents of Division I. Vol. II§ 16. DISTURBANCES AFTER HEROD'S DEATH§ 17. THE SONS OF HERODa. Philip, B.C. 4-A.D. 34, His Territory under the Romans, A.D. 34–37b. Herod Antipas, B.C. 4–A.D. 39c. Archelaus, B.C. 4–A.D. 6Excursus I. The Census of QuiriniusExcursus II. The so-called Testimony of Josephus to Christ§ 18. HEROD AGRIPPA I., A.D. 37, 40, 41–44§ 19. THE ROMAN PROCURATORS, A.D. 44–66SUPPLEMENT, AGRIPPA II., A.D. 50–100§ 20. THE GREAT WAR WITH ROME, A.D. 66–731. Outbreak and Triumph of the Revolution (A.D. 66)2. The War in Galilee (A.D. 67)3. From the Subjugation of Galilee to the Siege of Jerusalem (A.D. 68–69)4. Siege and Conquest of Jerusalem (A.D. 70)5. The Conclusion of the War (A.D. 71–73)§ 21. FROM THE DESTRUCTION OF JERUSALEM TO THE OVERTHROW OF BAR-COCHBA1. The State of Affairs in Palestine from Vespasian to Hadrian2. The War under Trajan, A.D. 115–1173. The Great Rebellion under Hadrian, A.D. 132–135APPENDICES I.–VIII.I. HISTORY OF CHALCIS, ITUREA, AND ABILENEII. HISTORY OF THE NABATEAN KINGSIII. THE JEWISH AND MACEDONIAN MONTHS COMPARED WITH THE JULIAN CALENDARIV. THE JEWISH COINS AND COINS OF THE REBELLION1. The Shekel2. The Coins of the RebellionV. PARALLEL YEARS OF THE GREEK, SYRIAN, ROMAN, AND CHRISTIAN ERASVI. GENEALOGY OF THE SELEUCIDAEVII. GENEALOGY OF THE ASMONEANSVIII. THE HOUSE OF HERODADDENDA TO DIVISION I. VOLS. I. AND II.2.1 A History of the Jewish People in the Time of Jesus Christ. Div. II. Vol. I.FRONT MATTERTitle PageCopyright PagePrefaceContents§ 22. THE STATE OF CULTURE IN GENERAL.I. MIXTURE OF POPULATION. LANGUAGE.II. DIFFUSION OF HELLENIC CULTURE.1. Hellenism in the Non-Jewish Regions.2. Hellenism in the Jewish Region.3. Position of Judaism with respect to Heathenism.§ 23. CONSTITUTION. SANHEDRIM. HIGH PRIEST.I. THE HELLENISTIC TOWNS1. Raphia.2. Gaza.3. Anthedon.4. Ascalon.5. Azotus.6. Jamnia.7. Joppa.8. Apollonia.9. Straton's Tower.10. Dora.11. Ptolemai.12. Damascus.13. Hippus.14. Gadara.15. Abila.16. Raphana.17. Kanata.18. Kanatha.19. Scythopolis.20. Pella.21. Dium.22. Gerasa.23. Philadelphia.24. Sebaste.25. Gaba.26. Esbon or Hesbon.27. Antipatris.28. Phasaelis.29. Caesarea Panias.30. Julias.31. Sepphoris.32. Julias or Livias.33. Tiberias.II. THE STRICTLY JEWISH TERRITORY.III. THE SUPREME SANHEDRIM IN JERUSALEM.1. Its history.2. Its composition.3. Its jurisdiction.4. The time and place of meeting.5. Judicial procedure.IV. THE HIGH PRIESTS.§ 24. THE PRIESTHOOD AND THE TEMPLE WORSHIPI. THE PRIESTHOOD AS A DISTINCT ORDER.II. THE EMOLUMENTS.III. THE VARIOUS FUNCTIONS OF THE PRIESTHOOD.IV. THE DAILY SERVICE.APPENDIX. PARTICIPATION OF GENTILES IN THE WORSHIP AT JERUSALEM.§ 25. SCRIBISM.I. CANONICAL DIGNITY OF HOLY SCRIPTURE.II. THE SCRIBES AND THEIR LABOURS IN GENERAL.III. HALACHAH AND HAGGADAH.1. The Halachah.2. The Haggada.IV. THE MOST FAMOUS SCRIBES.2.2 A History of the Jewish People in the Time of Jesus Christ. Div. II. Vol. II.FRONT MATTERTitle PageCopyright PageContents§ 26. PHARISEES AND SADDUCEES.I. THE PHARISEES.II. THE SADDUCEES.§ 27. SCHOOL AND SYNAGOGUE.I. THE SCHOOL.II. THE SYNAGOGUE.Organization of the CommunityOfficersBuildingsOrder of Divine WorshipAPPENDIX.§ 28. LIFE UNDER THE LAW.I. General ObservationsII. The Sanctification of the SabbathIII. Laws concerning Cleanness and UncleannessIV. Externalism of ReligionV. Errors§ 29. THE MESSIANIC HOPE.I. RELATION TO THE OLDER MESSIANIC HOPE.II. HISTORICAL SURVEY.III. SYSTEMATIC STATEMENT.Last Tribulation and PerplexityElias as the ForerunnerThe Appearing of the MessiahLast Attack of the Hostile PowersDestruction of the Hostile PowersRenovation of JerusalemGathering of the DispersedThe Kingdom of Glory in PalestineRenovation of the WorldThe General ResurrectionThe Last Judgment, Eternal Salvation and CondemnationAppendix§ 30. THE ESSENES.I. THE FACTS.Organization of the CommunityEthics—Manners and CustomsTheology and PhilosophyII. NATURE AND ORIGIN OF ESSENISM.§ 31. JUDAISM IN THE DISPERSION. PROSELYTES.I. EXTENSION.II. CONSTITUTION OF THE JEWISH COMMUNITIES.1. Their Internal OrganizationLands of the EuphratesSyria and Asia MinorEgyptCyrenaicaGreece and the IslandsItaly2. Their Political Position.3. Their Equality in regard to the Rights of Citizenship.4. Their Religious Life.5. The Proselytes.Different KindsProselytes of the GateBaptism of Proselytes2.3 A History of the Jewish People in the Time of Jesus Christ. Div. II. Vol. III.FRONT MATTERTitle PageCopyright PageContents§ 32. THE PALESTINIAN JEWISH LITERATURE.I. HISTORIOGRAPHY.1. The First Book of Maccabees.2. The History of John Hyrcanus.3. Josephus' History of the Jewish War.II. THE PSALMODIC LITERATURE.1. The Psalms of the Maccabaean Age.2. The Psalms of Solomon.III. THE GNOMIC WISDOM.1. Jesus the Son of Sirach.2. The Pirke Aboth.IV. HORTATORY NARRATIVE.1. The Book of Judith.2. The Book of Tobit.V. PSEUDEPIGRAPHIC PROPHECIES.1. The Book of Daniel.2. The Book of Enoch.3. The Assumptio Mosis.4. The Apocalypse of Baruch.5. The Fourth Book of Ezra.6. The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs.7. The Lost Pseudepigraphic Prophecies.VI. THE SACRED LEGENDS.1. The Book of Jubilees.2. The Martyrdom of Isaiah.3. The Lost Legendary Works.VII. BOOKS OF MAGIC AND MAGICAL SPELLS.§ 33. THE GRAECO-JEWISH LITERATURE.I. TRANSLATIONS OF THE HOLY SCRIPTURES.1. The Septuagint.2. Aquila and Theodotion.II. REVISION AND COMPLETION OF SCRIPTURE LITERATURE.1. The Greek Ezra.2. Additions to Esther.3. Additions to Daniel.4. The Prayer of Manasseh.5. The Book of Baruch.6. The Letter of Jeremiah.III. HISTORICAL LITERATURE.1. Demetrius.2. Eupolemus.3. Artapanus.4. Aristeas.5. Cleodemus or Malchus.6. An anonymous Writer.7. Jason of Cyrene and the second Book of Maccabees.8. The Third Book of Maccabees.9. Philo's Historical Works.10. Josephus.11. Justus of Tiberias.IV. EPIC POETRY AND THE DRAMA.1. Philo the Epic Poet.2. Theodotus.3. Ezekiel the Tragic Poet.V. PHILOSOPHY.1. The Wisdom of Solomon.2. Aristobulus.3. Philo.4. The Fourth Book of Maccabees.VI. APOLOGETICS.1. The Literary Opponents.2. Apologetic.VII. JEWISH PROPAGANDA UNDER A HEATHEN MASK.1. The Sibyllines.2. Hystaspes.3. Forged Verses of Greek Poets.4. Hecataeus.5. Aristeas.6. Phocylides.7. Smaller Pieces perhaps of Jewish Origin under Heathen Names.§ 34. PHILO THE JEWISH PHILOSOPHER.I. THE LIFE AND WRITINGS OF PHILO.II. THE DOCTRINE OF FHILO.INDEX TO DIVISION IIA History of the Jewish People in the Time of Jesus Christ. IndexFRONT MATTERTitle PageCopyright PagePrefatory NoteContentsA HISTORY OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE.A.—SCRIPTURE PASSAGES.B.—HEBREW WORDS.C.—GREEK WORDS.D.—NAMES AND SUBJECTS.ADDITIONS AND CORRECTIONS TO DIVISION II.
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