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The importance of the Samaritan pronunciation of Hebrew has gained wide acceptance as essential for reaching a correct understanding of the processes that affected the development of the Hebrew language in the late second temple period.

A Grammar of Samaritan Hebrew

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Front Matter Front Cover Half Title Page Title Page Copyright Page Table Of Contents PREFACEENGLISH PREFACE TO THE ORIGINAL HEBREW EDITIONContents INTRODUCTIONALPHABETPHONOLOGY1.1 Consonants 1.2 Vowels1.3 Sewa and the Auxiliary Vowels1.4 Syllabic Structure and Stress1.5 Sound Changes1.5.1 Interchanges in the Vowel System1.5.2 Diachronic StudyVerbal Forms:Nominal Forms:Formative Elements:1.5.3 Changes Due to ProximityMORPHOLOGY: 2. VERB2.0 Preliminaries2.1 Strong Verb2.1.2 Hif'il2.1.3 Pi'elWith Geminated Second RadicalWith Simple Second Radical (PVel B)2.1.4 Nif'alWith Simple Second RadicalWith Geminated Second Radical2.1.5 Hitpa'elWith Geminated Second RadicalWith Simple Second Radical2.3 Verbs I-Aleph (KS)2.4 Verbs I-Yod (*) 2.5 Verbs I-Nun (3*3)2.6 II-Waw (and Yod) Verbs ,ry) 2.7 Geminate Verbs (jry)2.8 Verbs III-Heh (n V)2.9 Tenses and Moods2.10 Passive Voice2.10.6 Qal Perfect2.10.7 Qal and Hifil Imperfect2.10.8 Hifil Perfect2.10.9 Pi'el2.11 Imperative2.12-2.14 Verbal Nouns2.12 Active Participle2.13 Passive Participle2.14 Infinitive2.15 Mixture of Classes and Alternation of Stems3. PRONOUN 3.1 Personal Pronouns3.2 Pronominal SuffixesPossessive Suffixes3.3 Other Pronouns 3.3.1 Demonstratives3.3.2 The Definite Article -n3.3.3 Interrogative, Indefinite, and Relative Pronouns4. NOUN 4.0 Preliminaries4.1 Simple Noun Patterns4.1.1 Forms with One Consonant4.1.2 Forms with Two Consonants4.I. Forms with Three Consonants4.1.3.10 Special Instances4.1.3.16 Special Instances4.1.3.19 Special Instances4.1.3.22 Special Instances4.1.4 Forms with Four or More ConsonantsA. Forms with Geminated Second Radicals and Similar Forms4.1.4.3 Special Instances4.1.4.8 Special InstancesB. QuadriradicalsC. QuinqueradicalsD. Compounds4.1.5 Feminine Patterns4.2-4.3 Compound Patterns4.2 Prefixed Patterns4.2.1 With -?.4.2.2 With-'4.2.3 With -a4.2.4 With -n4.3 Suffixed Patterns and Nouns with Suffixes4.4 Ultimately-Stressed Nominal Forms4.4.1 Masculine forms4.4.2 Feminine Forms4.4.6 Special Instances4.5 Gender and Number4.6 Construct State and Pronominal State5. NUMERALS5.0 Cardinal Numbers5.1 From 1 to 105.2 From 11 to 205.3 Remaining Cardinal Numbers5.4 Ordinal Numbers5.5 Fractions5.6 Multiplicatives6. PARTICLESA. Indeclinable Particles?. Declinable Particles7. SOME POINTS OF SYNTAX7.0 General Remarks7.1 Determination7.2 He Locale7.4 In the Realm of Sentence Structure7.5 Sentence Types (Verbal/Nominal)8. EPILOGUEBack Matter USER'S GUIDE TO THE INVENTORY OF FORMSContents of the InventoryThe VerbThe NounINVENTORY OF FORMS THE VERBX. Roots of the Verbs2. Verbs Formed from N o n - G u t t u r a l Roots}. Verbs Formed from Guttural Roots?. Pronominal Suffixes o n VerbsK. Verbs Except I l l - G u t t u r a l and 7 b?. Verbal NounsTHE NOUN ?. Nouns Formed from Non-Guttural Roots1. N o u n s Formed from Guttural RootsThe Plural Ending t ('-t, '-t)ADDENDA AND CORRIGENDAABBREVIATIONS AND BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES Journals, Books, SeriesEditions CitedBiblical BooksRabbinic Hebrew Other AbbreviationsINDEX OF PASSAGESA. Samaritan SourcesGenesisExodusLeviticusNumbersDeuteronomyThe Samaritan TargumGenesisExodusLeviticusNumbersDeuteronomyThe Samaritan Arabic VersionGenesisExodusLeviticusNumbersDeuteronomy?. Non-Samaritan SourcesJoshuaJudges1 Samuel2 Samuel1 Kings2 KingsIsaiahJeremiahEzekielHoseaMicahNahumZephaniahHaggaiZechariahMalachiPsalmsProverbsCanticlesRuthLamentationsEcclesiastesEstherDanielNehemiah1 Chronicles2 ChroniclesBen SiraDead Sea ScrollsCopper ScrollMishnaBerakhotKil'ayimTerumotMa'aser SheniShabbatSukkaBesaRosh Ha-ShanahYevamotNedarimQiddushinMakkot'Avoda ZaraAvotKelimMiqwa'othYadayimToseftaBerakhotMa'aser SheniBikkurimHagigaBava QammaBava BatraKelimPalestinian Talmud (Jerusalem Talmud)BerakhotPeahKil'ayimMa'asrotShabbatYevamotNedarimSanhedrinNiddaBabylonian TalmudShabbatSanhedrinShavu'otAvoda ZaraHullinNiddaTargum OnqelosGenesisLeviticusPalestinian TargumGenesisNumbersTargum to IsaiahSeptuagintGenesisDeuteronomy2 Samuel2 KingsJeremiahEzekielHexaplaPsalmsInscriptionsSefireEshmun'azar of SidonBack Cover
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